Off throttle exhaust vital for Singapore

Red Bull Racing RB7 exhaust outlet and rear floor detail.Sep.21 (PVM) Almost banned earlier this season, off throttle blown gases are likely to play a very important role on the streets of Marina Bay during the singapore grand Prix weekend.

Renault Sport F1’s Ricardo Penteado predicts, “In Singapore the use of off throttle exhaust gases will be very important to sustain downforce. With the aerodynamics engaged throughout the lap, grip levels should remain more constant, allowing the driver to maximise corner entrance and exit speeds. This could give extra tenths of a second so we will pay careful attention to this in Singapore.”

“After two power tracks we go back to the relatively low speeds of a street track and the Singapore Marina Bay circuit. As a street track with 23 tight corners the car requires a high downforce set up to give traction and grip. Seventeen of those corners are taken in either first, second or third gear so we need to work on creating engine maps that give driveability into and out of all those corners so the driver can concentrate on his line without the car sliding around or the engine taking time to pick up,” explained Penteado.