Allison apprehensive ahead of Singapore

James Allison, Technical Director, Lotus Renault GP

James Allison

Sep.18 (PVM) Renault technical boss James Allison has admitted he is apprehensive ahead of the forthcoming Singapore Grand Prix weekend, as he is not sure if the renault R31 will continue to impove as it has done in recent races.

Allison said on the team’s website, “It is fair to say that I am apprehensive. However, if we do have a good race then we will be set for good performances in the five races that follow, as we will then have shown improved performance on three very different tracks.”

Looking back on the season’s other street races, the Briton admits, “Monaco and Hungary were not good races for us and Singapore shares some characteristics of these two circuits.”

But added, “We feel we have improved things since then and we have a bit more to deliver for Singapore itself.”