Mercedes boss hails amazing Schumacher

Dieter Zetsche (GER), CEO of Daimler AG and Michael Schumacher (GER), Mercedes GP.

Dieter Zetsche with Michael Schumacher

Sep.16 (PVM) Amid all criticism and plaudits that Michael Schumacher generated by battling with Lewis Hamilton during the Italian Grand Prix, the most important comments – for the seven times world champion – came from the Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Dieter Zetsche.

Schumacher fought off Hamilton’s attentions for 20 nail biting laps at Monza, at times stretching to the limits the interpretation of the one move defence rule, however Zetsche was impressed, “Michael did an amazing job with a car that is not completely on par with our best competitors. It was a thrilling battle for twenty laps, it was pure racing. I was so excited he almost wanted to dive into the TV! It was absolutely top notch.”

Zetsche also lamented that Nico Rosberg did not make it beyond Turn 1 at Monza, “If Nico had not been hit by another car in the first round, we could have seen our two drivers in that position. It was a great race.”

  • arthur

    Both drivers are great starters and sometimes leading the race during the first few laps. Unfortunately the speed could not carry on the momentum. And always being overtaken by other top teams. Given a good car I think Nico had a huge potential to become a world champion. Hopefully by 2014, during which all engines will be based on a fresh design, I think they can win races. but then again they have the same engine with McLaren. So I think they need a ot more time… Poor Nico, I hope he won’t end up like Webber and Barichello…