Cape Town seek 2014 GP calendar slot

Red Bull showcar in Cape Town earlier this year

Red Bull showcar in Cape Town earlier this year

Sep.15 (PVM) A South African consortium aim to have a grand prix in Cape Town and on the Formula 1 world championship calendar in 2014.

According to a Business Day report, the consortium is headed up by Dave McGregor who has extensive experience in running motorsport events, including organising the 1992 and 1993 South African GP at Kyalami.

The newspaper reported that McGregor said that Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone believed the world championship was “missing a continent”, and he saw a Cape Town street race as “the Monaco of Africa”.

“Most people make the mistake of thinking Formula One is a sport. It’s not — it’s a business, and a great opportunity for senior business people to come and shake some hands and kiss some babies,” added McGregor

On the chances of a Cape Town race, McGregor said it was “ours to lose”.

“We’ve got well over a 70% chance of getting it right.” He explained that the circuit would run through Green Point and “piggy-back off the World Cup legacy”.

  • Michel

    In his dreams!

  • Evel

    What a backdrop for an F1 GP.
    Imagine F1 cars racing in the streets between the sea and those beautiful mountains!
    Plus the South African public is motorsport and F1 crazy.
    While you’re at it, bring a GP back to Kyalami too – what an awesome track!
    I’m sure we could live with Bahrain or Valencia being dropped in favour of this.

  • Alex

    +1 Evel, I was thinking the same idea! BRING BACK KYALAMI!

  • alonso4eva

    Cape town with the back drop will be the best venue, but I don’t care where it is held in South Africa. I’m sure attendance will rival Silverstone. We had over 50000 people turn up at the track in Cape town just to see the RB5 and i think similar attendance in Johannesburg. I will be track side the whole race weekend. Come on F1 cant wait, cant wait, cait. Bring it on.

  • Michel

    You guys are smoking your socks – really! Bernie’s asking is way out of Cape Town, or Kyalami’s league!
    Anyway, Mr Dave McGregor is the bugger responsible for “breaking up” the old Kyalami track – one that rivalled Monza & Spa – into the pig of a track it is now.