Ferrari to copy Red Bull suspension for 2012

Ferrari badge on a cover. Formula One World Championship, Rd 8, French Grand Prix, Preparations, Magny-Cours, France, Thursday 28 June 2007.Sep.14 (GMM) Ferrari is reportedly following the suspension layout featured on the dominant Red Bull RB7 for its 2012 car according to Corriere dello Sport.

The newspaper also revealed that a scale model of the Maranello based team’s new car is already clocking up the miles in the wind tunnel.

With its 2011 design, the 150 Italia, Ferrari raised some eyebrows by sticking with its usual push-road suspension philosophy rather than opting for Red Bull’s pull-rod layout.

“At Maranello, everything has been called into question in light of the unsatisfactory results of this season,” said the Italian newspaper report.

“The (pull-rod) system will allow for a lower and smaller rear end but it will appear only next season,” added Corriere dello Sport.

“In the last six races of this year, even in the races, mechanical and aerodynamic parts (for 2012) will be tested.”

  • http://Thailand Muddles

    That’s how you try to beat them, copy them.
    So much for the technology at Ferrari.

  • Butterfly

    Copying is how F1 works, kid. Everybody copies from everybody else, Red Bull included.

  • Tony

    They all copy … Ferrari was the first to have an automatic gearbox in F1 … do you think everyone else copied ?
    would I be alone in saying that McLaren copied Ferrari .. since they got caught with the whole ‘how to’ book ..

  • Jay

    So MuckLaren copied Red Bull this year? Look at the inventions Ferrari have come up with in the past, auto gear box, front wing profiling – from flat to gull wing, periscope exhausts, sure there are others and sure that other teams have come up with inventions copied by the whole field. That’s F1 for you.

  • Butterfly

    The butterfly-style steering wheel from Red Bull was on the McLaren in 2007.
    McLaren were the first team to use carbon fiber on the cars.
    Ferrari were the ones to introduce the current type of gearbox.
    Brawn, Toyota, and BMW (I think) came up with double diffusers.
    McLaren (Pat Fry) invented the F-duct.
    etc, etc.

    This is how tech is created in F1. It can’t be just one team, they all innovate.

  • Butterfly

    Oh, the periscope-style exhaust was first seen on the Ferrari. So was the mirrors mounted on the sides, which are now banned.

  • Obvious

    Yeh, that title of articles skewed. But, whatever. Only thing that isn’t basically copied or re-innovated or whatever you want to call it, is driver talent. That is individual and specific. Just as Seb and even more so Alonso are on another planet then the rest. Can’t copy that.

  • Read This

    Alonso is the best and there is no doubt about that. Even vettel is not as good and consistent as alonso. Use ur own designs. do not copy others. It will get u no where. Red bull are just another car. Use all the experience u have to beat them. Dont copy but innovate!