US GP promoter Hellmund sued

Tavo Hellmund (USA) Austin Grand Prix Promoter with the Construction team. Austin Grand Prix Circuit Construction, Austin, Texas, USA, January 2011.

Tavo Hellmund at the US GP site earlier this year

Sep.13 (GMM) 2012 United States grand prix promoter Tavo Hellmund is being sued for outstanding legal and consultancy fees.

Autoweek reports that the lawsuit has been filed by Texas attorney Randolph Ewing, who claims 5 per cent of Hellmund’s stake in the US grand prix is owed to him for legal and business advice.

Hellmund has responded by insisting Ewing worked for free and never issued an invoice.

In other Hellmund news, he told the Austin American Statesman that his company Full Throttle Productions has done consulting work for proposed F1 races in Mexico, Argentina and South Africa.

But he insisted: “The US grand prix is the most important thing … the next thing is to promote the US grand prix.”

The newspaper said actual construction of the Circuit of the Americas’ infrastructure will begin “soon”.

And in other lawsuit news, the Munchner Merkur daily reports that F1’s former commercial owner Constantin Medien is claiming $171 million in damages from Bernie Ecclestone and jailed German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

  • Obvious

    I truly believe that GP will never come to fruition. And honestly, I don’t thinknit should, especially in Texas?? Really? Not NYC, or Long Beach? Texas!?!? Get real Bernie, US legal system, red tape, and plain stupidity will never support an F1 race.

  • illusiongt21

    well i hope it still happens. i will fly to TEXAS for the race. However being that F1 isntr in Long Beach instead of NY or TEXAS is by all means stupid. considering there are more racers and drivers that come outof California these days then any state, Also has the largest population meaning there is more sales for F1 being successful in California rather then any state. Also being the fact that Indi Car racing is in LB every year plus all kinds of other racing.