Alonso: We’ll be a little bit harder with Vettel

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel go wheel to wheel at Monza

Sep.13 (GMM) Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has warned runaway championship leader Sebastian Vettel to expect more “hard” racing in the final throes of the 2011 Formula 1 world championship season, after the two went wheel-to-wheel during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso after the British GP

After winning at Monza last weekend, Red Bull‘s Vettel recalled that Spaniard Alonso raced “hard but fair” as the Ferrari driver defended his early lead.

And although writing off his chances of beating Vettel to the crown, Alonso warned the German to expect more hard racing in the remaining six races.

“Yeah, we have nothing to lose in the battles with Sebastian,” said Alonso, who is in second place behind Vettel’s championship lead but 112 points behind.

“He is leading the championship by 100 points I think, so when we have to defend we will be a little bit harder with him,” he added.

Alonso, 30, thinks he might be able to challenge Vettel in Singapore in two weeks, the scene of his victories in 2008 and 2010.

“Of the races remaining I think Singapore is probably the best one for our car characteristics,” he said.

  • visz963

    Congratulations. If someone is better than Alsonso, than lets make a crash with him. Typical Alonso. Cheater.

  • illusiongt21

    How is Alonso a cheater? Because he is a better driver with a not so better car as what Vettel drives?

    Alonso haters…smh…Alonso is the best pure driver in the sport. He proves it all the time. When he drove for Renault..same engine as Redbull now…he has 2 Titles…think about it. Now hes with Ferrari to finsish his great career. Alonso was the first youngest driver until Vettel to have back 2 back titles. SMH.

  • Butterfly

    wisz963 has the typical thinking of a socker fan

  •!/A_Oukil Oukil

    Doesnt that sound a bit hypocritical, When he was leadin the championship last year in Abu Dhabi and got blocked by Vitaly – he said he was upset with the russian rookie because he was very agressive and hard on him LOL!

  • visz963

    As far as I remember, Alonso was aware and part of cheating against Ferrari at Mclaren, and also part of cheating with Piquet – so, Alonso fanboys, make yourself used to the fact, that your hero is an anti-sportsman.
    As for Vettel,he may have had mistakes in 2010, but dont forget that he lost 1st at least four times due to technical failures last year – Alonso had none. Also, I dont think Alsonso would have won any races with a car called Toro Rosso. I think Alonso is Webber’s level – fast, furious, but not a genius, neither technically educated. What he has most is ego. Overrated driver.

  • Sennauno

    @ visz963 how old are you? or you must be a Hamilton fan

    alonso makes perfect sense. Vettel has his title. The rest of the races will be make up for a dud year…the least they can do is try get some wins. Dont think he’s implying he’ll do Schumacher’s on Vettel…just sort of half one’s straight out of Schumachers book ;)

  • Jacko

    Alonso carried the team in 2010. He hammered Massa, and Massa isn’t that bad. Vettel is a mere upstart with a quick car. Fast yes, better than Alonso, no.

  • Johnny Fakhry

    Well regarding the current conditions, i think Ferrari’s pace is far from putting serious threat on Vettel’s Red Bull,, from that point I doubt that “being harder with Vettel” would change anything in the way the season is going, unfortunately.

  • Sennauno

    @ Johnny Fakhry nothing is etched in stone mate…never say die, what happened at silverstone? Ferrari is a massive team & although theyve stopped development on 2011 car, with the 2011 title gone & constructors pretty hard all they can hope to do is scrounge every point & go for every win that falls theyre way. At particular circuits they will have a car to compete & with a driver of Alonso’s calibre can bridge the gap to Rbull. Bring on Singapore