Sebastian Vettel: 2011 F1 World Champion!

Sebastian Vettel king of the world for a second time in a row

Sebastian Vettel king of the world for a second time in a row

Sep.11 (Mike Pettifer) The Italian Grand Prix offered almost everything, apart from a serious challenge to the winner and world champion elect, Sebastian Vettel. With the winner of the driver’s championship decided in every  possible way, other than mathematically and picking up the required points a mere formality.

Race winner Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing

Sebastian celebrates his eighth win of the season

As Vettel climbed out of the almighty Red Bull RB7 following his 18th race victory in Formula One, questions were being asked as to ‘when’ and not ‘if,’ Vettel can claim the 2011 world championship. Surely, the battle for drivers’ championship is all but over.

The German’s closest rivals have conceded that the battle is now for second place. “Everyone should forget about the title because it’s not going to happen,” said Lewis Hamilton before the race had begun.

Mark Webber echoed Hamilton’s views after he crashed out early on at Monza: “I think we’re all battling for second now. Sebastian needs to have a very, very incredible finish to take the championship off him.”

“[We have] six races to go, so obviously the championship is impossible, not mathematically but we are no longer in contention,” said Fernando Alonso as the sun set at Monza.

The 2010 champion now holds a 112 point lead going to Singapore – a lead that could only be threatened if Vettel fails to finish in at least three of the remaining six races. Even then, second place Fernando Alonso, or third place Jenson Button, would have to dominate the rest of the season and hope that Vettel finishes in very low point scoring positions, along with the non-finishes.

Vettel can now go to the Singapore GP in a fortnights time, in the knowledge that he could put the title race beyond doubt with five races to go. Even the maths makes it seem closer than it is.

Race winner Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB7

Seb and Red Bull were never supposed to win at Monza

Vettel, who became the youngest F1 world champion last year at only 23 years old, will become a two-time word champion if he picks up the remaining points that he requires this season.

“Are we witnessing one of true legends of the sport?” David Coulthard asked after Monza. Although it may be too early to put his name alongside the likes of Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher, his record to date gives Vettel the opportunity to eventually join those champions in F1’s hall of fame.

[Editor’s Note: Mike let’s not beat around the bush. Even if Vettel decides to miss the next half dozen races to go hike in the Himalayas – or whatever he fancies – the title will still be his. None of the other blokes will win all the remaining races. So without further ado we at are going to jump the gun and say: Congratulations Sebastian Vettel the 2011 Formula 1 world champion!]

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    A champions drive by Vettel. This young kid is the real deal. We may be seeing history in the making