Domenicali: We could’ve won more this year

Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director

Stefano Domenicali

Sep.10 (PVM) Team principal Stefano Domenicali admits that Ferrari should have won more races this season while explaining his recent comments that only Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso are true team leaders in Formula 1 today.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.

Ferrari's only win so far this year was Fernando Alonso's victory at the British GP

Speaking during the FIA press conference at Monza, Domenicali said: “This championship is not really the best one, even if I think we could have won more races this year, to be honest, and the situation would have been different in terms of the championship.”

The Italian added, “We need to take the situation as it is without crying and be sure that the extra races from here to the [season] end are very important, because, as I said to all the guys, we need to maximise the points because we are fighting for something – positions and other stuff to also make sure that we can anticipate some work that can be used for the 2012 project.”

In the build-up to the Italian Grand Prix weekend Domenicali was quoted by various media stating that only Alonso and Schumacher were true team leaders, implying that the current world champion Sebastian Vettel was not.

He took the opportunity to clarify his statement, “To be a leader, you need to have experience, points, championships, leadership and a relationship with the people and so on. I said that in my view at the moment. Fernando and Michael were already doing it and Sebastian is on the right route to do it. With this year’s win he’ll be there very, very soon – so I don’t think I’ve said something strange.”