Alonso: I would bet on Vettel winning the title

Fernando Alonso Belgium 2011 Spa-Francorchamps Friday practice

Fernando Alonso has some pretty interesting opinions on Formula 1

Sep.3 (PVM) Despite only being 30 years old, Fernando Alonso is widely regarded as the elder statesman of Formula 1 and one of the most respected driver of his era, thus his opinions widely sought and often headline grabbing.

Fernando Alonso Belgium 2011 Spa-Francorchamps Friday practice

Fernando is one of the more popular drivers in the paddock

In an interview with AutoBild, where he was required to give spontaneous response to keywords fired at him, the Spaniard was in top form with his answers. Here are answers to some of the juiciest questions:

Alonso on Ferrari:
“To me, a dream come true to be able to drive for this team, the tradition and history are unique, if you’re have not driven for Ferrari, your career is not complete.

On the 2011 World Championship
We have a big deficit, no realistic chance. So I think only race by race, but not to the overall championship standings. I would bet my money on Vettel anyway.

On Red Bull Racing
They have interpreted the rules better than us, built a great car. Of course, Adrian Newey, the key person, but behind him he has a strong design team.

Alonso and Vettel

Fernando with Sebastian Vettel

On Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian is a great champion, who is about to win his second title. He has great talent and ability to withstand pressure. The criticism of him, not being a racer, I do not understand.

On Michael Schumacher
For me he is and remains the best driver of F1 history and for that he deserves all respect.

On Nico Rosberg
He now has enough experience to fight for the title. Sooner or later he will be world champion. ”

On Felipe Massa
He’s definitely one of the greatest teammates I ever had. We are very close, usually it is only a tenth of a second. We work together very well, although we have a completely different driving style. I attacked the corners very aggressively, while he drives a lot smoother.

The pitstop during the Abu Dhabi GP that cost Fernando the 2010 world title

The pitstop during the Abu Dhabi GP that cost Fernando the 2010 world title

On Abu Dhabi 2010
It’s very frustrating when a big goal slips out of your hands. We have too much on Mark Webber and gave too little attention to Sebastian Vettel. When Webber came into the pits, we followed him to the front and Seb must have laughed. Webber and I were stuck in traffic, he remained long with old tires out there, won the race and the championship.

On Vitaly Petrov
I’m not mad at him, but his behavior [Abu Dhabi 2010] was not particularly intelligent. It was not so much that it was a decisive race for me, but that he fought so aggressively.

On the third world title
It’s very important for me, I will not stop until I am world champion with Ferrari. If by 2016 [end of Alonso’s current contract with the Maranello team] I have not achieved this (laughs) Then I’ll stay just like Michael 20 years until 2021!


    2013 prediction…Alonso driving with Schumi………what a duo.

  • F1 fan

    Go Schumie you legend!!!

  • Evel

    Articles like this give me a lot of respect for Alonso.
    I’m not an Alonso fanboy by any means but there’s no denying his class in an F1 car – he is truly an F1 great.


    Ferrari are heading for a wonderful team in 2013.Alonso and Schumi driving together for Ferrari.Overtures have started.

  • Butterfly

    Are you guys on drugs or something with this Schumacher-to-the-Ferrari-again idea?

  • Sennauno

    I would put my house, my cujons, my savings account & inheritance on Vettell

  • F1 fan

    2013 could well be one of the best ever F1 seasons,