Red Bull confirms Webber for 2012 season

Mark Webber during previews to the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps on August 25, 2011 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.

Mark Webber will spend at least another year with Red Bull Racing

Aug.27 (GMM) Red Bull has finally ended the intense speculation about the identity of Sebastian Vettel’s teammate for 2012.

Webber and Vettel

You got me for another year mate!

On the Australian’s 35th birthday at Spa-Francorchamps, the championship-leading team said Mark Webber is staying put for another season.

“Mark knows the team well, having been with us since 2007, and his motivation, fitness and commitment is as high as it has ever been,” said team boss Christian Horner in a media statement.

Webber has raced alongside world champion Vettel since 2009.

Red Bull statement:

Red Bull Racing is pleased to announce that Mark Webber’s contract has been extended for another year, meaning the Australian will continue to drive for the team in 2012.

GEPA-15051134130 - SPIELBERG,AUSTRIA,15.MAY.11 - MOTORSPORT, FORMULA 1 - Open House Day Red Bull Ring, project Spielberg. Image shows Mark Webber (AUS/ Red Bull Racing) and team principal Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Markus Oberlaender - For editorial use only. Image is free of charge.

Mark Webber with Christian Horner

Mark Webber said: “I want to continue racing at the top in Formula One so it’s a nobrainer to remain at Red Bull Racing for another year. My motivation to achieve the best results possible both for myself and the team is still very high. Over the past five years, we have worked hard and proved that we can design and build a competitive and championship-winning car, and I’m looking forward to putting the car and myself on the limit again each and every race weekend in 2012.”

Christian Horner said: “When we sat down and started talking about 2012, it was immediately obvious that Mark and the team wanted to continue our successful relationship. This meant agreeing an extension for 2012 was very straightforward. Mark knows the team well, having been with us since 2007, and his motivation, fitness and commitment is as high as it has ever been. The pairing of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel is a very strong one, they push each other hard and we are extremely happy the pairing will remain unchanged for a fourth season.”

  • Sam the Man

    Sad but true.

    On the other hand this is an easy choise to RB. Webber is bringing some points every once and a while and there is only small change to any argue between the team mates since the other one has to always look into mirror to find the reason not to succeed.

    Webber can talk the talk but he defenately cannot walk the walk. We saw that late last season. Can’t see any championship potential.

    Can’t blame Webs – nice place to retire next season. Finger is pointing to the management.

  • F1 fan

    Lets hope he gets equal treatment next year.