Renault boss no interest in Raikkonen deal

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Aug.26 (GMM) Kimi Raikkonen can leave behind any hopes of being considered for a Formula 1 comeback by the Renault team.

The 2007 champion left F1 to contest the world rally championship and he has also dabbled in NASCAR, while earlier this week he tested Peugeot’s Le Mans car.

31-year-old Raikkonen was also once linked with a return to F1 with Renault, and has not ruled out a comeback for 2012.

But the Renault rumours ended acrimoniously last year with the Finn denying he ever expressed interest.

Team boss Eric Boullier is now quoted by German media: “I will not talk about Kimi. I have no interest in him.”

Vitaly Petrov is already signed up with Renault for next year, while the other seat is likely to be filled by Robert Kubica, Bruno Senna or Romain Grosjean.

  • KC

    It was incredibly indulgent for autosport to ask Boullier’s opinion about Raikkonen. Last year Boullier kept on using Raikkonen’s for publicity and Raikkonen told him to stop doing it and that will never drive for Renault. So it is quite obvious what Boullier was going to say about Raikkonen we didn’t need an autosport article to figure that one out. Why didn’t they ask Horner or even Withmarsh who has actually worked with Raikkonen? I dont believe this article was done with honest intentions.

  • Spencer

    After what Renault did to Heidfeld, who’d want to be that team? For sure not Raikkonen even IF he was interested in returning to F1. So what if Kubica returns and Kubica isn’t fast enough? Will they drop him? I doubt it. Even Massa stayed with Ferrari after returning from his accident in Hungary. To me that shows Ferrari has a bit of class.