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F1 2011 game

Aug.16 (Geoffrey Hunton) F1 2010 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles was a big step in the development of video games based around Formula One.  The game gave the player a fair amount of simulation control over the set up of your car, and attempted to immerse you in the life of an F1 driver managed to accumulate solid reviews.

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The popularity of a video game is gauged by how strong the sales are for the first ten weeks of its release.  Over the span of the first ten weeks of the games release the game’s sales totals were as follows:

Note: F1 2010 sales figures quoted from VGChartz Network

Playstation 3 console: 1,083,904 units
Microsoft Xbox 360 console: 766,824 units
PC: 18,198 units

Total units sold over ten weeks: 1,868,926

With almost two million units sold while going up against gaming competition such as Gran Turismo 5, a game that features several F1 cars and the Red Bull X-1, which was developed by Adrian Newey just for the game.  With all of that taken into consideration, a sequel for F1 2010 was met with excitement and hope that a true yearly series of F1 games was well on it’s way to becoming a reality.

F1 2011 game

The marketing line for F1 2010  was “Have No Equal” and for this year’s installment, the tag line is “Be the Driver, Live the Life, Go Compete”.  Matching the rules updates and technology upgrades, the game now features the DRS and KERS functions which has changed Grand Prix racing in real life and is almost certain to change your race tactics in the game as well.

Matching the real life excitement, the developers at Codemasters have also taken the new Pirelli tires into account as well.  In the previous installment of the franchise, the pit management was not a big factor in how to win a grand prix.  All of that is set to change with this year’s installment.

Hardware failures, something that was not in last year’s game are also present.  These failures will depend on what kind of driving style you adapt through the course of a season.  The inclusion of this feature along with the attention paid towards the tire management and the implementation of the DRS and KERS systems give the game good promise to those who wanted a more simulation based game.

F1 2011 gameIn F1 2010, you had the option of starting out on a seven-year journey in Formula One.  Starting out in a bottom tier team and working your way up through the grid, this feature was a very interesting approach to a standard “career” mode and was met with high praise from fans.

Before, during, and after a grand prix weekend, you were approached by the media to answer a series of questions tailored to your on track performance.

The answers to these questions eventually had a course in guiding your path towards a larger and faster team on the grid.  Codemasters is hoping to build on this immersion into the life of an F1 driver with more in-depth post-race press conferences and ways to craft your image in the eyes of the F1 media.

One of the most intriguing elements is a feature called Cooperative Championship.  Teaming up with a friend or rival you are able to take a two-car team to the very top of the world championship while also fighting it out amongst the two of you for Number 1 driver status.  This will give players and their teammates the micro and macro perspectives of grand prix racing through the entire championship calendar.

There will be individual objectives tailored around your performances, along with team goals both on and off the track.   This mode is also coupled with a standard 16 person and 8 AI race online features. A Saftey Car has also been added along with the new Buddh International Circuit in India.

F1 2011 is scheduled to arrive in stores on September 20th for North America, September 22nd for Austrailia, and September 23rd for the United Kingdom.

Breaking News:

Codemasters, developers of the multimillion selling, BAFTA winning F1 2010 video game, have announced that F1 Online: The Game, a browser based version, is in production at Codemasters Studios and set to launch in the first quarter of 2012.

F1 Online: The Game will give players the chance to be the driver and the team boss in a game that combines intuitive top-down racing gameplay with a rewarding management game, as players create and manage their own team.

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