Sky-BBC style deal may become new trend

sky tv televisionAug.10 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has refused to rule out emulating Britain’s controversial new split between Sky and BBC television rights deal in other key Formula 1 markets.

He was asked, by La Gazzetta dello Sport, about the British deal where half of the grands prix from next year will be shown on free-to-air BBC while the full season will be shown pay channel Sky.

The interviewer wanted to know if the deal could also be rolled out in Italy, despite free-to-air coverage reportedly being guaranteed in key markets by the Concorde Agreement.

“It’s true, the races in certain countries should be shown free, but it will be in Britain thanks to the agreement we have reached with the BBC to have the races (shown) at six (o’clock) in the evening.”

As for whether it could happen in Italy as well, Ecclestone admitted: “We’ll see, but what has happened in Britain is an unique case.”

  • Corbo

    The deal is a disgrace, an utter sell out, the sport will die in the UK.

  • Corbo
  • http://na allan

    did Bernie state if it would be a full race at 6pm or highlights? full race wouldnt be so bad!

  • Bec

    Sky Italia used to show F1, the deal lasted less than 2 years as the low viewing figures on Sky Italia made F1 too expensive for subscription TV.


    It is up to the BBC whether they show a full rerun or just highlights.

  • arron

    bbc will not be showing full replays of the other races
    they are showing 45 mins of highlights

    bernie says full replay
    bbc says highlights

  • Stewy33

    Can the roits in London make thier way to Sky network head quarters? Now thiers a building that needs to burn!

  • Dot Kewley

    Corbo its great that you have put the link for the e petition, keep up the good work getting everyone to sign it, there is also a facebook page, made by a fan for fans, just search Keep F1 on BBC, can also be followed on twitter at( using the usual sign ) I am not allowed to put it here, KEEP_F1_ON_BBC or twitter search hash-tag PowerOfF1Fans

  • Bec

    Here’s the Channel 4 bid that the BBC put a stop to by running to Sky.

    F1 the Power and the Glory, Exclusive to Channel 4

    Sign the e-petition

  • F1 fan