Hamilton denies McLaren are copycats

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren. Formula One World Championship, Rd 11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Budapest, Hungary, Saturday 30 July 2011.

Lewis Hamilton

Aug.8 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has denied McLaren has chased down Red Bull‘s dominance in 2011 by copying the technical ideas of the formerly dominant team.

Some analysts claim Red Bull’s rivals, including McLaren who have won the past two grands prix, were only able to catch up by developing key ideas including the blown exhaust and diffuser.

“Apparently we and Ferrari have copied the Red Bull, but that’s not true,” Briton Hamilton told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

“We really haven’t changed very much on the car. Sometimes it’s just the little things that bring 0.007 of a second or something.

“But those tiny time savings are important in a sport where a tenth of a second is huge,” he added.

  • Twiinz

    Whenever a new idea proves dominant in F1, all the teams try to copy it or follow that path. In Maclarens case, they may have actually improved on some of Neweys ideas. That is not cheating. It is part of racing. If Maclaren( and to a lesser degree Ferrari) have found the better mix of Neweys high downforce ideas and have a car with a little less drag than the RBR, good for them. Many times the team that develops an idea later does a better job than the original. I think the media guys are just diggin for a story.

  • http://yallaF1.com F1 fan

    They will always catch up in the end.

  • alonsolewis

    Didn’t Red bull and the rest of the grid copy Mclarens of F-duct last year. Vettle even went one handed through Rouge at Spa. Vettle is crying now that he cannot win on even terms. He needs a dominant car to win.

  • Nemo

    Of course they have copied RBR. Every team copies the faster car. Remember 2009 Brawn.

  • aknit

    Don’t know what the fuss is about. As everyone here as pointed out, F1 teams are always copying each other. It’s easier to do that than develop an entirely different technical advantage that may not have little or nothing to do with what is giving other teams an advantage, particularly in a spot where so many things about the different cars is as similar as they are different.