Alonso targets winning all remaining races

Fernando Alonso sepaks to journalists at Ferrari's Wrooom Summer retreat

Fernando Alonso sepaks to journalists at Ferrari's Wrooom Summer retreat

Aug.7 (PVM) Despite being 89 points behind in the F1 championship points, Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has by no means thrown in the towel with regards to the 2011 title and has declared that he is targeting a win in all the remaining races of this season.

Speaking to journalists during Ferrari’s Wrooom Summer retreat in the Dolomites, Alonso said: “”We must try and win as many races as possible. We are realistic and the championship situation is what it is, but we have seen so often that there can be sudden reversals. And after all, we are Ferrari and we have a moral obligation, especially for the millions of fans spread around the world, to always think of the maximum goal.”

The Spaniard acknowledged, “We can’t ever say we will tackle eight races without having the championship in the back of our mind: we will always have an eye on the title, at least until there is no longer the slightest chance. Of course we must start winning and we have to hope that Vettel makes a few mistakes or has some problems.”

With the Formula 1 world on vacation, Alonso also intends to unwind and recharge for the remaining eight races of the championship which spans three continents.

Alonso has never won in F1 at Spa-Francorchamps and his intent will be obvious when Grand Prix action resumes in Belgium on 26 August.

“In Spa I have never won in Formula 1 and it would be nice to do that, then comes Monza which is special and I would like to feel again the amazing feeling I got from it last year,” said the Ferrari man.

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