Domenicali says Alonso best driver in F1

Stefano Domenicali and Fernando Alonso

Stefano Domenicali and Fernando Alonso

Aug.6 (PVM) Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali believes that the scuderia’s current driver Fernando Alonso is the best Formula 1 driver of the current era and has strengths greater than Michael Schumacher during the German’s Maranello heyday.

Speaking at from Madonna di Campiglio where some of the ferrari staff are holding their summer rtereat under the auspices of Wrooom Summer, Domenicali said, “For me, Fernando is the Number 1 driver in Formula 1 at the moment. I see a lot of similarities with Michael Schumacher, a driver who made his mark on our history.”

The Italian team boss added, “In fact, in some areas Fernando is even better, for example when I think of the speed with which he integrated himself into the team and the way he became its leader. In this he was much quicker than Michael who took a while to do that.”

Alonso currently lies fourth in the world championship with six podium finishes so far this season, including one victory to his name so far this year.

Full interview with Domenicali here>>>

  • F1 fan

    Maybe when Alonso has won 7 world titles you can then say that they are similar.

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, that would be after 2015.

  • Maly

    nott fair judge schumie like that. when he joined ferrari they where nowhere near the front of the grid.

  • Scott


    World Championships are not a fair assessment of a person’s pure driving ability.
    I doubt you’d find anyone who knows what they’re talking about who would say that Jenson Button is a better driving than Stirling Moss, yet Button has won a DWC and Moss has not.

  • Butterfly

    No, they’re not, but if you have a couple of them then you’re either really good or Schumacher.

  • Arthur

    Let’s see if after 2013 Alonso will start his a consecutive 5 WDC wins. Then I would beleive him. If Stefano beleives that Alonso could be better in some aspects than Schumi then the problem could be himself…

  • ranGersCherpu

    Never compare with Michael !!!!!

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, never compare, especially since Fernando beat Michael in 2006. And Kimi the year before.

  • Sennauno

    Schumacher won world title in his 5th year with ferrari
    This is Alonso’s 2nd year….nuff said

  • Malla

    Alonso will win at least three titles with the Prancing Horse…

  • F1 fan

    Schumacher is Ferrari and without him they are nowhere.