Pirelli reveal tyre choices up to Singapore

Tyre management has become and imprtant factor during Grand Prix weekends

Tyre management has become and imprtant factor during Grand Prix weekends

Aug.4 (Pirelli) The exclusive tyre supplier to Formula One from 2011-2013, has revealed the tyre compound choices for the next three grands prix in Belgium, Italy and Singapore.

In Belgium, Pirelli will bring the P Zero White medium tyre and the P Zero Yellow soft tyre. For Pirelli’s home grand prix in Italy, the same two nominations will apply: medium and soft. At the Singapore street circuit, the teams will be supplied with the P Zero Yellow soft tyre and the P Zero Red Supersoft.

The varied characteristics of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit make it ideal territory for the P Zero White medium tyre, which represents a good compromise between the soft and the hard rubber. With low temperatures common, the rapid warm-up time and instant performance of the P Zero Yellow tyre will be another important factor.

At Monza, the closely-matched characteristics of the medium and soft tyre will give teams plenty of scope for strategy on the rapid Italian track – as could be seen on the last occasion that this combination was used, the closely-fought German Grand Prix.

Singapore, a street race run at night, will be an entirely different kind of grand prix, with circuit characteristics more similar to Canada. Consequently, the P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red Supersoft tyres have been chosen, to generate the maximum grip within the tight confines and variable surfaces of the Singapore track.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery commented: “We’re learning more and more with every race in our first year of Formula One, and fine-tuning our compound choices to benefit from the valuable information that we are accumulating. We’ve got three of the most thrilling races on the entire calendar coming up, and we believe that we’ve arrived at some tyre nominations that are very well-suited to the characteristics of these very different but equally exciting circuits. Of course there will always be some unknown factors – such as the weather – but the choices we have made are designed to help teams maximise both their performance and their race strategy.”

The tyre choices so far and beyond: