Adam Parr: Number of races can increase

Adam Parr

Adam Parr keen to extend season to raise revenues

Aug.4 (Reuters) Williams chairman Adam Parr has gone against the grain and declared he wants more races on the already packed Formula One calendar.

Grid girl.  Formula One World Championship, Rd 10, German Grand Prix, Race, Nurburgring, Germany, Sunday 24 July 2011.

Several teams have said they are uncomfortable with the thought of a record 21 grands prix next year, although Turkey looks set to be dropped to bring the number down to 20, still a logistical and mental challenge for F1 participants.However, Parr thinks shorter event weekends could open up space for other races as the sport continually expands to new markets with a first Indian Grand Prix due in October."I think the number of races can increase a little bit. We might have to look at the format of the weekend but we could do a couple more races," Parr told reporters."There are ways of increasing revenues."All the talk in the paddock at last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix was about F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone changing his mind and letting Pay TV channel Sky Sports show all the races in the UK from next year with the BBC broadcasting just half.

It will be the first time some races are not on free-to-air television in one of the sport’s biggest markets but Parr reckoned the decision was inevitable given the huge costs in F1 and the BBC being forced to cut back on spending.

“We understand they will still be doing a full (highlights) broadcast at 6pm which actually for a lot of people is a better time than it is now,” said Parr, who has attempted to reduce F1 costs and is implementing a major personnel revamp at his struggling team.

“The fundamental challenge is that Formula One is a very, very expensive show. It is not two blokes with a couple of tennis rackets and a pair of plimsolls all of which was provided free.

“If you go to Cirque de Soleil and you see cutting edge performers in an amazing facility constantly updating the show it costs you 100 pounds for a good ticket, or you can go to your local circus with a couple of mangy elephants and a rather droopy clown and it costs you 10 pounds. People are capable of distinguishing.”

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    I seem to be having trouble posting replies in some threads, but I’ll try here …

    Adam Parr was the prime mover behind the sell off of F1 to Sky, so who’s going to take any notice of what that Judas says?

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  • Butterfly

    I wouldn’t trust this guy to take out the garbage, much less run an F1 team.