Allison voted to top FOTA technical post

Lotus Renault GP R31 Launch Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia, Spain.  31st January 2011. James Allison, Technical Director. Portrait.  Photo: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic  ref: Digital Image AF5D0354

James Allison

Jul.19 (Renault) Renault technical director James Allison has been voted in as Chairman of the FOTA Technical Regulations Working Group. Below is a Q&A with him in the wake of the appointment:

How does it feel to be unanimously voted in as Chairman of the FOTA Technical Regulations Working Group?
James Allison: It feels rather daunting. The previous occupants of the Chair have set a high standard and it is important to do the job properly.

What will your role entail?
Allison: The TRWG applies the technical expertise of the Teams to contribute to the successful future of F1 over the medium and longer term. As Chairman it is my job to conduct the meetings of the TRWG in a well organised manner. I will also hope to continue the work of my predecessors in promoting a constructive relationship with the body that forms the Technical Regulations of F1, the FIA Technical Working Group.

How will you balance this alongside your main position of LRGP Technical Director?
Allison: FOTA is a body that always tries to act constructively in the best interest of the sport. Contributing to its operation does take some time and effort, but most would agree that it has been a very worthwhile investment. Also, taking on the Chair does not really change the level of required commitment greatly. All of the Technical Directors are representatives within the TRWG. We all have to find the time to prepare for and to attend the TRWG meetings. In the meetings themselves, it is routine for individual Technical Directors to volunteer either their own time or the resources of their Team to allow technical studies to be performed. This work is fairly well shared out, but I have the advantage as Chairman of having the help of the very efficient FOTA Secretary – Simone Perillo – when preparing for the meetings.