Nascar team sue Williams and Coughlan

Mike Coughlan

Mike Coughlan returns to Formula 1 with Williams

Jul.17 (GMM) NASCAR team Michael Waltrip Racing has commenced legal action against British Formula 1 outfit Williams and their recently appointed chief engineer Mike Coughlan.

After losing his job as McLaren chief designer and departing formula one amid the spygate scandal, Coughlan joined the North Carolina-based Michael Waltrip Racing as director of vehicle design.

He then returned to Formula 1 in June to be Williams’ new chief engineer.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Michael Waltrip Racing has filed suit against Coughlan and Williams in the US District Court for breach of contract.

The report said Coughlan had joined Michael Waltrip Racing with a three-year deal set to run through 2012.

The suit reportedly alleges his move “harmed the performance of the MWR teams as well as their viability in competing for sponsorship” and seeks damages in excess of $75,000 and other compensation.

Another report at said the suit alleges Oxfordshire based Williams “tortiously interfered” with Michael Waltrip Racing “by negotiating to hire Coughlan while he was still under contract”.

The Williams team are reportedly unaware of the action taken against them in the States.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Certainly can’t blame him here, WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN CHARLOTTE?

  • Obvious

    Leave to the American way! sue sue sue… Haha

  • michaelmacarthur

    75 g’s? are they serious? christ tires for one race probably cost MWR more than that. As Obvious has already stated. It is the American way to sue sue sue.
    Although to be head of vehicle design on a nascrap team sounds like a sweet gig, It would be like a weather forecaster down in Antartica. lol.
    MWR must have known that in hiring anyone from F1 to be in their stable, that they might lose that person at any moment if another FIA/F1 gig came available.