Alonso keeping an eye on the weather

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso banking a huge cheque this year

Jul.7 (PVM) Jenson Button has said that he hopes it rains during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and he is not the only one who will be keeping an eye on the clouds above the World War II airfield as Fernando Alonso has called for his Ferrari team to be ready for whatever the elements have to deliver.

“You can quickly go from sunshine to rain or vice versa,” said alonso. “We have to be ready to tackle any change in the weather and make the most of it.”

The Spaniard is also looking forward to see how the team performs on a track that is supposedly unsuited to their Ferrari 150 Italia, “The last three races were very important for all of and we had never been as competitive as that this season. Even if maybe the track characteristics could have given us a hand, it was important to be fighting for the podium places and even for the win, because it means we can tackle the coming races in good spirits.”

Alonso added, “At Silverstone, we will find out where we are in terms of being competitive even at tracks which, on paper at least, do not suit us.”

The Maranello squad have a raft of updates for Silverstone including the floor, exhausts and a new rear wing.

“I am keen to see how things will work out, especially as we will also have some more updates on the 150º Italia which should give us a little bit more,” stated Alonso.

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