Pirelli ignore Ferrari call for no hard tyres

Fernando Alonso's Ferrari 150 Italia on Pirelli hard tyres in Australia

Fernando Alonso on Pirelli hard tyres in Australia

Jun.30 (GMM) Italian tyre supplier Pirelli has shown it does not favour Ferrari by deciding to take its hardest compound to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone next week.

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali as well Felipe Massa had openly admitted that they hoped Pirelli would not use the hardest tyre because the Italia 150 car has struggled on it elsewhere this season.

But having originally announced a month ago the hard/soft combination for the British Grand Prix, Pirelli stuck to their guns and re-confirmed that decision on Wednesday.

“Silverstone is one of the quickest tracks of the year, requiring the use of the hard tyre to cope with the sustained high speeds that are a characteristic of the British circuit,” Pirelli said in a media document.

Motor sport director Paul Hembery stated: “We are confirming the decision we took a few weeks ago, after once more consulting all the teams”.

La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes him adding: “Silverstone is a big challenge for us and probably one of the hardest circuits that we face during the year.”

Hembery told ANSA news agency: “Ferrari should not be unhappy, as after Barcelona their engineers understood the problems they have had.”

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso said: “The tyre choice is the same for everyone and there’s no point discussing if the pair of compounds chosen is more suited to one team or another.”

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