Ferrari happy with 2014 V6 turbo engine

Ferrari F1

Jun.30 (GMM) Ferrari has announced that they are happy with Formula 1’s engine formula for the future.

The FIA had earlier announced controversial four-cylinder engines for 2013, but in the face of opposition from teams and engine makers has now agreed to let the sport be powered by 1.6 litre V6 engines in 2014 and beyond.

Ferrari, whose founder Enzo Ferrari’s main passion was big engines and horse power, had been the most staunchly opposed to the four-cylinder plan.

But after the FIA rubber-stamped the V6 compromise this week, team boss Stefano Domenicali told SID agency: “This decision is good for the sport. We now have the necessary time to prepare for this new project.”

It is believed that Renault and Cosworth are also happy with the new rules.

“It is good that the compromise reached has been confirmed by the World Motor Sport Council,” agreed Mercedes-Benz’s Norbert Haug.