Universal approval for 2014 engine rules

Jean Todt

Jun.23 (GMM) Most of the Formula 1 world, notably the FIA and its president Jean Todt, are “very happy” with the news that F1 will delay the introduction of new engine regulations by a year and welcome the advent of a V6 turbo engine configuration for 2014 onwards.

With most of Formula 1’s existing engine makers and also Bernie Ecclestone opposed to president Todt’s plans for four-cylinder engines in 2013, the F1 Commission met in London on Wednesday to map the way forward.

Subsequently, the F1 Commission unanimously approved a new turbo V6 formula for 2014, whose 1.6 litre engines should produce a better sound than the touted four-cylinder whilst retaining the crucial ‘green’ credentials through KERS.

The plan will soon be put to a vote of the World Motor Sport Council, an FIA spokesman told Kleine Zeitung newspaper.

“We are very happy with the solution,” a spokesman for the Todt led federation told Reuters.

Auto Motor und Sport said it believes Ferrari, who were staunchly opposed to Todt’s original plan, as well as Renault who threatened to quit if the four-cylinder engines did not attend the meeting, but are reportedly happy with the compromise.

Cosworth is reportedly also content, given its better understanding of V6 technology versus the comparatively unfamiliar four cylinder concept.