Gene: Alonso is better than Schumacher

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Jun.2 (GMM) Ferrari test driver Marc Gene has revealed that he regards Fernando Alonso as the best driver he has worked with in Formula 1, which includes Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen, amid reports that the team supplies superior equipment to the Spaniard.

(L to R): Marc Gene (ESP) Ferrari Test Driver; Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari and mfp at a Vodafone Beach Football Event. Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, 11 May 2006.  DIGITAL IMAGE

Marc with Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa

Alonso, with a new long-term contract, is widely regarded as Maranello’s number one driver, particularly with Felipe Massa struggling to match him over the past two seasons.

But fellow Spaniard, Gene told El Mundo newspaper: “I can confirm 100% that both Felipe and Fernando have the same materials at their disposal. If the results of Fernando have been superior it is because of his very high level.”

“I cannot judge what he did in his time at Renault and McLaren but I have worked with world champions Schumacher, Villeneuve and Raikkonen and Fernando is the one who impresses me the most,” said Gene.

“Before he arrived at Ferrari I had great expectations, and now that I’ve seen and studied and worked with him, I can say he has exceeded all of the expectations,” added the Ferrari test driver.

(L-R): Marc Gene (ESP) Ferrari Test Driver and Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Ferrari. Wrooom F1 Press Ski Meeting 2009, Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino, Italy. 13-14 January 2009.

Marc with Kimi Raikkonen

Gene, meanwhile, said he does not believe it would be the right move for Ferrari to abandon work on the 150 Italia car in order to ensure a more competitive start to 2012. “It is true that the gap to Red Bull is significant, even if there are many races left. But no gap is unbridgeable, especially for a team like Ferrari.”

He concluded, “Also, if it is right that the regulations for next year do not change much, it is still useful to develop the current car because these improvements can also apply to the next one. Ferrari’s philosophy is to not give up while the maths do not prove otherwise.”

Gene was Ferrari test driver from 2004 until last year. He still keeps close ties with the Maranello squad while campaigning for the Peugeot factory team in sportscar racing, including Le Mans. Gene competed in 36 Grands Prix for Minardi and Williams.

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, well, some of us already knew that.

  • Zoanr

    When Mr Alonso wins his 7th drivers championship I’ll agree but until that time Michael is the best of all time. Mr Senna included as MS hasn’t died trying to be better than he was.

  • Butterfly

    You say that, but Schumacher was, what, 38 when he won his 7th title?

    Gene is saying Alonso as a driver, as a package, is better than Schumacher, which is true. He’ll win his 7th title one day, maybe even more than that.

  • MuchNo

    I agree with Zoanr. While Alonso is amongst the best in the business, he’s been driving with teams that are the best in the business.

    Schummi joined Ferrari when they were at an all time low. He won his first driver’s title with them in a car that wasn’t the best on the grid. He went on to win more driver titles than anyone else in the sport, all the time raising the performance of Ferrari along with his wins, and making them the constructor to beat once again.

    However, Alonso is a great driver – as is evidenced by his own driver’s title. But to say that he’s better than so-and-so is only something that one can say by citing stats – and the stats in this case are stacked up in Michaels favour. Besides, Michael hasn’t retired as a test driver,… I have little faith in what Gene has to say.

  • Thabang

    Marc Gene is still sore that his career highlights equate to non point finishes. Schumi was so dominant and won so many titles before the season was over that the FIA decided to change the points format. Also in his last year with Ferrari in inferior tyres he chased Alonso till the end, only Vettel can realistically break Schumi’s records. Alonso is even inferior to a rookie Hamilton, don’t mention Schumi and Alonso in comparable terms. When all’s said and done, Ferrari will have a special edition ferrari in Schumi’s name, Alonso will just be another Eddie Irvine when matched up against Schumi in terms of Ferrari Lore, Gene is just trying to prop up a fellow countrymen, prime on prime, as in Schumi in his mid twenties, vs Alonso on his mid twenties, I’ll take Schumi for my team any day…he’s the rain master, Monnaco master and most important of all Spa’s only real conquerer.

  • F1 fan

    No chance!!!,Alonso will be lucky to end his career with 3 world titles,as for 7 dream on.

  • Arthur

    A Spanish talking in behalf of a Spanish… What can you say?

    Zoanar, MuchNo and Thabang are speaking with facts and I believe MS is still and will always be the best F1 driver of all times…

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