Audi still not interested in F1 programme

Audi at Le Mans

May 24 (GMM) Audi motor racing chief Wolfgang Ullrich has reinforced the Volkswagen Group marque’s decision to stay away from Formula 1 despite the new engine rules earmarked for 2013.

As a debate rages about Formula 1’s engine rules to be implemented in two years, it had been hoped that the turbo 4-cylinder formula would entice new manufacturers – like Volkswagen/Audi – onto the grid.

But Ullrich told Car Magazine that Le Mans style endurance racing is the better bet for Audi development and image.

“There’s a very good reason why we are not in Formula 1,” he said. “There’s no relevance to the road.”

“At Le Mans, one of our cars will cover 325 miles more than an Formula 1 car will cover in an entire season, our average speed including pitstops will be 20mph higher than an Formula 1 car and we will use 42 per cent less fuel. You cannot argue with those figures,” he said.

  • Bec

    Audi like being a big fish in the little Le Mans pond, they know they haven’t got the depth of technical excellence to compete at motor sports highest level.

    That’s one of the reasons Audi are considered an old man’s make of car.

  • Alex

    Formula 1 has been getting slower though. And the new engines and aero packages are going to take speeds even lower.

    I know F1 is not just about speed… but come on, this sport used to mean something.

  • Butterfly

    F1 is dead unless some radical change is implemented.

    I didn’t think one of those heavy LeMans cars would race faster than an F1 car (average, of course). That sucks big time.

    In the name of what are the F1 changes implemented by the FIA? It sure doesn’t reduce costs, it don’t make the cars faster, overtaking is a juke, lots of crappy teams.