V8 and turbo engines allowed for 2013?

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May 23 (GMM) The saga about Formula 1’s future engine regulations has taken a twist, with the possibility that both four-cylinder engines and V8 power units could be pitted against one another in 2013.

We reported earlier that, after a meeting with the manufacturers in Barcelona, Jean Todt had vowed to push ahead with the scheduled new engine regulations.

But Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, who is staunchly opposed to scrapping the V8 engines, said FIA president Todt is now proposing to let some V8s continue to power cars in 2013.

However he is quoted by Reuters saying, “But I mean, equivalency formulas never work, do they?”

The situation harks back to 2006, when after the current V8 engines were introduced, Toro Rosso were permitted to run a performance limited V10.

  • Stewy33

    Hmmm, does this mean they can link two (4) cyclinder turbo engines togather and claim they’re running a V-8?

  • Riccardo

    Wouldn’t the best, and simplest, formula provide a fixed amount of fuel (reducing each year!) and allow ANY size of engine?

  • Han

    Ricardo, I’m thinking the same but different circuit, random fighting, acceleration/decceleration, chasing etc. will be too much complicated to detemine the fuel level for the regulation.

    The more viable solution to do a lab or rig test. i.e. applying this formula, the engine must meet a fixed fuel consumption figure under the rig test. With test parameter & fuel specification same for all teams.

    But that will only encourage engine efficiency, best if somehow we can test the whole car fuel consumption in lab/test rig like in wind tunnel with ‘treadmill’ for example.