Todt says 2013 engine rules will go ahead

Jean Todt meeting with engine manufacturers in Barcelona

Jean Todt meeting with engine manufacturers in Barcelona

May 22 (GMM) Formula One is moving ahead with its four-cylinder turbo engine formula championed by FIA president Jean Todt, despite speculation that the sport was pushing to have the controversial 2013 engine regulations repealed.

Todt, and his engine deputy Gilles Simon, met with the engine manufacturers in Barcelona on Saturday, amid rumours that at least three of the sport’s four suppliers now wanted to stick with the current V8 technology beyond 2012.

France’s reports that in the wake of the meeting, “no changes” will be made to the 2013 regulations that have already been agreed and announced.

And Jean-Louis Moncet, the French commentator, said he spoke to his well-connected Italian colleague Pino Allievi – La Gazzetta dello Sport correspondent – about his post-meeting chat with Todt.

“As I said before, we will not change [the 2013 rules],” Todt is quoted as saying by Moncet’s Auto Plus blog. “You can do something else, create another discipline, but the world championship of Formula One of the FIA will take place with the engine regulations that have been decided.”

It had been suggested that Renault was set to side with Ferrari and Bernie Ecclestone against the 2013 rules, but the French marque’s F1 chief Jean-Francois Caubet was giving a very different message in Spain.

“We are fully supporting the FIA,” he said. “It makes a lot of sense for a carmaker like Renault to be road relevant. I think it is a key point for the future of F1.”

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  • Butterfly

    Yeah, but if nobody is going to build such an engine how are they going to race?

  • Infallible

    People like Todt are just ruining this sport.. F1 is all about powerful engines and the roar it makes.. 4 cyl V6 is not at all acceptable.. changing the rules so often is another insane thing to do.. I believe the oldies should retire.. its the age factor thats causing them to make such stupid rules..

    I just wish that F1 followers oppose this rule change globally.. I’m not sure ill be watching F1 in 2013 if these idiotic rules r implemented..

  • robust

    i am stopping watching formula1 from 2013 , bull shit on you todt
    you are ruining f1
    bull shit bull shit bull shit

  • drok

    so insane…………. f1 will surely lose fans…….. formula one is all about speed…..

  • Bec

    @Butterfly … A new engine manufacturer has announced they will be building 2013 engines, so that’s even more engines than now.

    @Infallible … It’s about advanced technology, that’s why last centuries engines are being replaced. Old engine technology is being retired.

    @robust … I bet you hated the 1980’s too, with 1.5 litre engines being raced by the likes of Senna. Don’t watch the Senna movie you’ll hate it.

  • F1 Engineer

    French upstart in charge – French car maker in view of plans!! Enough said!