Berger says Schumi deserves F1 drive

Gerhard Berger (AUT) (left) discusses how life will be at Ferrari with race winner Michael Schumacher (GER) whose place at Benetton would be filled by Berger in 1996. Pacific Grand Prix, TI Aida, Japan, 22 October 1995.

Gerhard Berger with Michael Schumacher in 1996

May 20 (GMM) Gerhard Berger thinks Michael Schumacher is too old to be at the very front in Formula 1, but he does not begrudge his old rival his second career.

Schumacher has come in for a barrage of criticism lately but Berger – who shared the track with the German in the nineties – thinks he is doing well for a racer of advancing years.

“Sure he was disatisfied,” Berger, referring to the Turkish Grand Prix two weeks ago, said in Barcelona where he is attending his first Formula 1 event for a year.

“But Schumacher is 42 and he can’t expect to be the same as a 25-year-old. For a 42-year-old, he is doing a great job. He will always run in the top ten in formula one, but quite simply it is the time for the younger ones,” Berger told the German broadcaster Sky.

Schumacher might be a few tenths behind, but Berger thinks he still deserves a seat.

“I am happy he is still there. For so many years he gave so many good races that really, now, he can do as he likes. As long as there are teams that want him to be there, everything’s fine. Why should we say he should quit?” asked Berger.

Meanwhile, he admitted he was offered the chance of playing a very significant role in the current management of Formula 1.

“Jean (Todt) asked if I wanted to take care of Formula 1,” revealed Berger. “My life has been racing but I’d rather stay in the box and on the track and think about the right strategies than about the right politics.”

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