Massa: Before the race I always have sex

Felipe Massa arrives in the Istanbul paddock with his wife Raffaela

Felipe Massa arrives in the Istanbul paddock with his wife Raffaela

May 12 (GMM) Felipe Massa has revealed a saucy details of his night before preparation for a Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver told Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport: “On the Saturday night before the race I always have sex.”

Massa, who has not won a race since his championship challenge in 2008, is married to 33-year-old Raffaela, with whom he has a 1-year-old son Felipe Jr (Felipinho).

The Brazilian admitted that he enjoys his qualifying night ritual “even though I know it doesn’t make me faster!”

He had another disappointing outing in Turkey last weekend but Massa said he is encouraged by the aerodynamic upgrades introduced at Istanbul Park.

“They definitely increased our performance level,” he said.

  • shazz

    felipe i always wondered whats wrong with you. now i came to the know the reason. try not to do the same in the comming race. im sure u will see the difference.

  • Ikmal

    I wonder why felipe told to the press,,,

  • gloomndoom

    Always remember the classic boxers would tell of how they wouldn’t have sex for 6 months before a scheduled bout. I agree with ‘shazz’, try going without it Felipe. Set up a comparison period; you,ve got NOTHING to lose.

  • k_

    gloomndoom I’m not a Felipe fan, but I think that we shouldn’t delve into such private matters. It’s his wife, he can do what he wants to do. I don’t think Felipe would like to know that his wife is worth “NOTHING”. It’s not the thing anyone should judge. Felipe deserves some respect. And I know that he brought the subject himself, but your post is one step too far I think

  • Butterfly

    Yeah Felipe, keep that to yourself.

    Although, the wife has nice ti*s :-)

  • F1Fan

    Okay I totally look different at him now. Before every race now I’ll think: He had sex last night.

  • http://yalla F1 fan

    I see someone has used my F1 fan name pretending it is me that wrote that,well it was not.

  • Faisal

    Funniest F1 news ive ever read

  • Rossana

    c’mon! Timo Glock has said the same thing! :))

  • Spencer

    Didn’t Massa also say he wears the same pair of shorts over a race weekend? Hmm… this guy is the most disgusting and luckiest man on the planet.

  • John M

    Mr. Massa, Sir …

    Can’t get to the Podium?

    If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.
    If you want a different result, you have to change something.

    And, I think now we all know where you can start making changes …

  • Chevyguy566

    I heard Alonso has the same ritual. Every night before a race he has sex with Felipe’s wife