Ferrari now blaming faulty wind tunnel

Ferrari wind tunnel

Ferrari wind tunnel

Apr.19 (GMM) Ferrari is working to fix a problem with its Maranello wind tunnel that has thwarted development of the 2011 car, while rendering it off the required pace to challenge for podiums.

President Luca di Montezemolo’s public message after Shanghai is that the team “can not and must not” keep turning out the same performances this season.

A deeper analysis is that the Ferrari 150 Italia is lagging aerodynamically due a problem with the calibration of the Maranello wind tunnel.

“We have a structural problem with the tunnel,” team principal Stefano Domenicali confirmed to Italy’s Autosprint. “We are working to fix it.”

He revealed that the tunnel has been churning out data that conflicts with the values seen when the car is running in real time on a real circuit.

Recalibration of a wind tunnel is not the task of a moment, and therefore it is rumoured that Ferrari is set to rely more heavily in the near future on the superb facility at Cologne which is now leased to clients by Toyota Motorsport.

“We started an investigation so we are doing correlation between the track and the wind tunnel, trying to understand why that (problem) should be,” confirmed technical director Aldo Costa.

  • Bec

    Which one of their wind tunnels?

    The main one or the one they use to get round the resource restriction agreement?

  • Pitrat

    HA! Bec Toucher… but isn’t it quintessentially Italian to blame the Oven…ermm Tunnel?

  • gloomndoom

    Was this not reported as an issue at Ferrari last year also?

  • krish

    @Bec The wind tunnel in question is the one at the old toyota facility in cologne i believe which was also accessed by williams?

  • Twiinz

    If it is the tunnel they both used, it makes sense that both teams are having trouble with Aero discrepancies.

  • Rich

    Good lord. The Italianos are running out of places to point fingers. Whine, whine, whine. What next? Figure out a way to blame il Duce ? or George Bush? Shuduppa you face already!Swap singsym