Ferrari ready for ‘plan B’ after Shanghai

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari 150 Italia

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari 150 Italia

Apr.12 (GMM) The outcome of Sunday’s Chinese grand prix will determine whether Ferrari stays the course or reverts to ‘plan B’ for the development of its 2011 car.

That is the claim of Italian newspapers including La Stampa and La Repubblica, as bosses Stefano Domenicali, Aldo Costa and Pat Fry returned to Maranello this week rather than remain in the East ahead of the Shanghai round.

“We are analysing everything to find out why things have not worked as expected at this stage of development,” said team boss Domenicali.

The Italia 150 car will be fitted with some new components this weekend, he revealed.

“If in China everything works as hoped and expected, good, but if we have worked on developments that bring no result, we already have in place an alternative programme that will be introduced as soon as possible,” said Domenicali.

He said in La Stampa: “We have a deadline. Now we go to Shanghai where we must decide whether to continue with this aero package or change direction.”

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  • Twiinz

    I bet they are going to try the front exit exhaust system and push the envelope on the flexi wing, as it seems to be legal as long as it passes the current test the FIA has in place. If I were Ferrari or Maclaren, I would go with the wing asap, even if they get it wrong at first. I think the wing is the main difference from RBR to everyone else. Newey is the master designer. Copying his ideas is the highest form of flattery. The development race is almost as interseting as the actual races. This is F1. :)

  • Geoffrey Hunton

    In complete agreement with the previous comment. The development of the car through the course of a single season can be leaps and bounds depending on the level of competition.