Send a get well message to Robert Kubica

2010 Turkish Grand Prix - Saturday Istanbul Motor Park, Istanbul, Turkey 29th May 2010 Robert Kubica, Renault R30. World Copyright: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic ref: Digital Image _Q0C1467

Robert Kubica

Feb.8 (Grand Prix 247) While Robert Kubica lies recuperating from a career threatening injury is asking fans and readers to post a comment below with words of encouragement which we will post daily on his Facebook site and send to the Renault F1 team.

Robert Kubica is one of the most approachable, no nonsense, drivers of this generation who many believe has always been destined to be a future world champion.

We at firmly believe that he will return and again be a title contender. Meanwhile Formula 1 will be the poorer without him which is good reason to wish for a speedy return.

So let’s hear it for Robert!!!

  • Abhinav Katiyar

    Get Well Soon Robby……..Lotus will miss ur drive for sure……..nobody can fill in ur shoes………Hope to see you back on track soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Siddharth Saikia

    Sad to know about your horrific fact i was surprised to know that.Renault it seems have created a winning car this season..and was expecting to see drive that for some podium may be…though you are a competitor of Force India..i liked you as you are an excellent driver……..Hope you get well soon…Wish you a speedy recovery champ.

  • Michal

    Robert! You will do it! If anyone can – this is YOU!!! You never give up, and you won’t this time neither!!! FORZA ROBERT! BADZ SILNY!!!

  • Jay

    Get well soon Robby.

    Our hopes and prayers are with you.

    All the best wishes!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Get well Robert!

  • Refoo

    I wish him a speedy recovery and the motorsport fans will miss him this year .

  • sebastian wong

    get well soon,you are one of the best and one of my favourite,get well soon and may The LORD be with you champion

  • TheForbidden

    get well Robert ! never give up … Good Luck ^^

  • mika

    I’m shocked for all what happened..
    This was your fate so don’t be sad..
    I’m happy to see you still alive and I’m sure sooner or later you gonna come back racing for champion..
    Wish you fast and full recovery..farewell

  • TheForbidden

    Get Well Robert ! Never give up you are a very good driver !
    Good Luck ^^

  • udara_ji

    i am very big fan of f1…. i love the senna’s, the gilles villeneuves… and jim clark’s… i always loved the fighting type of drivers….. and in the current line up drivers, u and lewis set the benchmark when it comes to fighting for track position….. F1 needs people like u….. its people like u that give the flair to F1….. get well soon…. there is an f1 drivers championship written in ur name in the future waiting for u to return….. all u need is a car that can fight for wins….. this sport will with out a doubt loose some of it’s flair without u…. so come back soon….
    sri lanka

  • WLC

    You will come back stronger than ever. Wish you a speedy recovery Robert.

  • Monika

    Trzymaj sie Robert! Cala Polska jest teraz z Toba!
    Wroc i pokaz wszystkim jak jestes silny!
    Dla mnie juz jestes mistrzem!

  • Sabir Ayub Rabbani

    Hey there… I am a big fan of Formula 1.. You are one of the best drivers of F1.. I hope and pray that you get well soon and be back racing very soon Inshallah.

  • Keidoupe Lorenzo

    GET WELL SOON ROBERT !!!!! U are one of the main reasons why i watch F1… bless GREAT MAN

  • emo

    hey im a big fan of formula one and renault and really like the way drive like alonso so u get well soon so we can see you in action!!!!!

  • Arthur

    Get well soon Robert… God is always with you… I still beleive that the damage to your hand would never hurt your skills… I pray to God for your speedy recovery…

    Pope John Paul II is praying for you in heaven…

  • Alunso

    Robert!! hope u get well soon. We always miss you!!! our F1 hero!!

  • Atul

    Robert. You are a true F1 champion in the making.

    I wish you a quick and healthy recovery.

  • bobbie

    wishing you get well soon, mr. kubica!

  • Tim in Texas

    Robert, we all can’t wait to see you race in Austin! Texas is waiting for you.

    Get well and get back to work!!

  • Ronman

    Get well soon Robert, you can beat this… we believe in you… all the best and a speedy recovery…

  • Charles M

    Hi Kubica, We watched you competing the best in the world for years. We cannot see you bedridden. We are sure that you will be back on track soon. We pray to God Almighty to give all the strength for your speedy recovery.

    Charles, Flora and Terrance.

  • KingFran

    Hi Robert

    From all the Formula 1 supporters in South Africa, get well soon !.
    We wish you a speedy recovery, and may God be with you all the way to a full recovery !.

    Keep on beleiving and never give up, like we know you are, all the way to a future F1 Champion !.

    Man you are a good driver !

    You are in our prayers.

  • Gordon Wilson

    Thoughts and best wishes to Robert.

    Really unfortunate timing as I believed this was going to be your year.

    Hope you make a quick and full recovery and we see you back in a car soon.

  • Luqman

    Kubica, Rest Well my man, I know there’s a lot of people who will be missing your awesome driving. I know i’ll do.. Rest Well and Who Knows? Maybe Next Year you’ll make an Awesome comeback and win?! U know.. anything can happen in F1.. Believe in yourself.. like what others believe in you.. Since ur first ever race, I know u can battle for wins.. i know it sounds crazy.. but it’s true =)..Once Again.. GET WELL SOON!! =DD

  • Wises Keshom

    Robert Kubica,

    I wish you get well soon and hope to see you back on track.

    Good Luck.

  • John

    Best wishes to you and your family. It’s a shame that this year (when you look like you had a championship challenging car in your control) this has happened but I wish you a speedy recovery and a meteoric return to f1.

    F1 will miss it’s greatest driver this year :(

  • Deniz

    Kubica man, we all believe in you and still pray for you. get well soon. we are convinced of seeing you racing!! god bless you!

  • Shaneece

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best Robert.
    You will be greatly missed by us all so we can’t wait to see you back on track when you’re better! x

  • ellen parker

    Robert, you have always been my number 1 driver, and will continue to be. See you back racing soon!
    Wishing you all the best.
    From your number 1 English fan
    X x.

  • Aniruddh Bhadra

    Get well soon,Robert!! Greatly lookin forward to see you blazing the track.Hope to see youon the grid soon.

  • Jack

    Such a shock, you a future World Champion, make sure you’re back and healthy as soon as possible so we can see you on a track where you belong! Best wishes

  • Skip Jones

    Robert, You have a huge group of gear heads in Austin hoping all the best for you. Get well and we’ll see you in Austin!! You still have a World Championship to win! Work hard and be strong!

  • Manny in Boston, USA

    F1 will not be the same this year…get well soon.
    Robert you are an amazing driver.

  • Twiinz

    Robert, we are all praying for your speedy recovery. We have faith that you will excel at this just as you have at all your other endeavors. We hope to see you back on the grid soon, chasing the title that is sure to come to someone as capable and talented as you are. Good luck friend. :)

  • M. Fitri

    Have a speedy recovery Robert..!! You’re a fighter..
    Regards from Malaysia..

  • Stewy33

    Robert, you have a world class team behind you that will be their every step of the way of your recovery. No matter what comments the media has to say about you competing in the rally, you were out their enjoying your passion. May modern medicine and practices lead you to a fast and speedy recovery.

  • http://Samarth Samarth

    Get well soon Robert. You are an amazing racer with an even better attitude… The world misses you!!!

  • Samarth

    Get well soon Robert… you are an amazing driver with an even better attitude… The world misses you

  • Lindsey

    I will include you in my prayers and ask for you to have a speedy and full recovery, will miss you in this years formula one season, have you as one of the best drivers of Formula 1. Rest this year and next year …… watch out Hamilton, Button etc. Robert Kubica will be back!!!!!

  • daniyal

    get well soon Robert!!!!! hope you recover soon

  • Maleen

    Mate get well soon & return to F1… Best of Luck…

  • deepak ganesh

    get well soon!! u will be back with a bang!

  • raiyan

    robert get well soon and we all hope to see you on the grid in BAHRAIN…………………………

  • Juan A Martinez

    Well Robert 2011 just got much easier for Alonso and Hamilton!!!! F1 needs you back in the car as soon as possible!!! Please hurry back!!!

  • Geoffrey Hunton

    If Montreal 07 couldn’t put you down nothing can….

    Keep up the fight and we’ll see you on the grid.

  • Jon Etkins

    Hey big guy! Best wishes for a speed recovery; hope to see you back in the saddle real soon.

  • George Juraj Chahine

    Robert ! Get well soon man , all of us are behind , All Slavs are behind you .. the important thing is that you are OKAY . Hope to see you back on track as soon as possible.

    Greeting from your country’s neighbours SLOVAKIA. GO ON CHAMP.

    Juraj Chahine

  • George Juraj Chahine

    Robert ! Get well soon man , all of us are behind , All Slavs are behind you .. the important thing is that you are OKAY . Hope to see you back on track as soon as possible.

    Greeting from your country’s neighbours SLOVAKIA. GO ON CHAMP.

    Juraj Chahine

  • F1derbar

    wishing you a full recovery from deep in the heart of texas! here’s hoping to see you on the grid in Austin, 2012!

  • P

    Bob, get well soon and come back stronger than ever. We will be here awaiting your return.

  • Miss_F1

    Get well soon Robert :) I know you will come back fighting!! I look forward to seeing you on the grid ASAP!! It will not be the same with you not on the grid mixing up the race ;) But a full recovery is most important at this time and you won’t be forgotten in the meantime.

  • Berkan

    Get well soon x] We miss you Kubi. x]

  • Kate Perry f1

    Hi Robert
    I hope your recovery Is going well , I was so devastated to here about your crash, I believe this year the title would have been yours.
    Hope we will see you out at the gp’s soon.
    Get well soon xoxo
    From a big fan Kate perry f1

  • alaa

    dear robert =D … nothing had been lost !!!

    with all our love and prayers we wish you a full fast recovery !!!!
    waiting badly to see you back in the track
    and i m sure you will be there even if not in the driver seat
    you are a great talent that cannot be wasted
    i know you still have alot to give and to prove
    so we are waiting for you take our breath away =D

    all love and respect .

  • http://none abdellah

    get well soon robert ,as a kimi fan i would say kubica’s crash shows what a lion- hearted racer kimi raikkonen is , so people please appreciate more kimi . and about kimi’s name mentioned as a replacement to fill in the seat of the other lotus renault i think this is groundless and kimi is the kind of guy who means literally what he says and he previously stated that he doesn’t miss f1 for the time being and enjoy rallying far more than f1 so keep flying kimi . againg wish robert kubica a speedy recovery .

  • Robert Keating

    Robert. praying for your complete recovery!
    On behalf of myself and the Rest of the Marshals for Montreal we expect to see you there next year!!

  • zouzou

    Get well soon Robert, God speed <3

  • Steve Simpson

    You are a tough one Robert. We know you will be back in the driver’s seat sooner than expected. Praying for your quick recovery

  • Steve R

    Get well soon, don’t give up! I want to see you race here in Austin, TX, USA!!

  • Steve R

    get well soon, don’t give up!! I want to see you race here in Austin, TX, USA!!!

  • Tonye Bozimo

    Hey Robert! Sad to hear about your crash. This is praying you get well and back in the car soon. You guys are a special breed!!!!!!!! Every year I watch the Monaco GP I am reassured of that fact. Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doc

    Glad to have encouraging updates on your progress, and wish you only the best for an excellent recovery. It appears you’re getting exceptional care, which bodes well for good eventual results. Look forward to enjoying watching your outstanding skills in F1 again, when the time is right…

  • nee-ann

    hope the surgery can fix the broken bones….. and the full recovery can be done as fast as expected so we can see you again behind thef1 car…..
    you are an amazing driver and i’m sure your spirit can handle this situation…..

  • hrs

    mr kubica,you and the medical people will make marvelous,magical, miraculous achievments.we all will see you win this one.peace.

  • Matthew

    Hello Robert!

    Wishing you all the best for a full recovery, as we all await your return to the track.

    Until then, be safe, all the best and the very best of luck!


  • byron stevens

    hey robert , the f1 grid will not be the same without u. i hope u make a speedy and full recovery , praying that God will grant you grace to have full use of that hand . God bless and remember He loves you.

  • woodinsight

    Robert, I have no doubt that you will be back soon where you belong behind the wheel of a F1 car. You have shown tremendous determination in the past and you can do it again. If you feel depressed just think of all the thousands of your supporters who are willing you on. It could have been much worse you know and with the advances in modern medicine I believe you can make a full recovery.
    Anyway, best of luck Robert, I hope to see you in the car again ASAP.

  • f1aroo

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Try not to gain too much weight on that fantastic hospital food. Be sure to demand a pretty nurse. It makes the days go better.

  • Krisztina

    Dear Robert,

    We wish you a very successful and fast recovery!
    You are a great man and a very talent pilot both in Formula 1 and rally.

    Please keep your steadiness and sense of humor it can help so much!

    I hope you will read and hear how many people think of you at this hard time, and this will give you force to go on your way to get your health back and then to continue your work to be The Champion.

    All the best wishes you are in our heart!

    Krisztina and András

  • Yash Thawani

    While making your comeback remember this-“Faster Faster Faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death”-Yash Thawani

  • Nikki

    Robert, I’m sure our disappointment is nothing compared to yours – still, every Formula One fan is willing your safe and quick recovery.

    I’m sorry that something you love so much has caused you this much pain. You are a fantastic driver, a REAL racer, a man of quiet dignity – none of us will forget that, or you, while you recover.

    The races without you in 2011, however many that may be, will be missing someone incredibly special.

    This message is sent with all the love and luck that it’s possible to send to someone you’ve never met! Get well soon :)

  • Olga Kravets

    I don’t care what everyone else says, but I am absolutely sure that we will see you behind that fabulous new wheel in a couple of month. Have a SPEEDY, F1 style, recovery!!! We love you!

  • Roman

    Get well and come back to racing! We await your victories! Big hello with
    the best wishes from Ukraine!

    Wracaj do zdrowia i powrotu do wy?cigów! Czekamy na Wasze
    zwyci?stwa! Big witam z najlepszymi ?yczeniami z Ukrainy!

  • hammatime


    Buddy when you wreck,you go all the way.

    Time to knock that stuff out.

    Heal brother and we’ll see you in a Formula One car next year all healed up right.

    Take a year off and get really strong and really healed.

    Enjoy some of that money you’ve earned in Formula One.

    I am profoundly glad you are still alive.

    God Bless You and God Speed on your recovery.

    Oh,and uh,no more Rally ,O.K.?

    Get Better and We’ll See You Back at the Track this year with a glass of champagne and some pretty women by your side.

  • Alan

    Best wishes from America Robert, for a complete and speedy recovery for my favorite and one of the best. Looking forward to watching you race in Austin next year!! Dobre szcz??cie!!

  • Enzo Tan

    Get Well Soon Robert!
    You are an inspiring driver and the F1 world definitelty misses you…
    Hope to see you racing fit and back on track soon!!!

  • marek czak

    it is great to have a polish driver in tha f1 races . get well soon.!

  • Aadil Khota

    Get well soon Robert!!!

    I hope you get to return in a Ferrari!No1 deserves to be driving a championship contending car more then you!

    The world waits to see your supreme talent in a race winning car!

  • Carlos Casas

    Get well soon Robert. You are one of the stronger drivers physical and mentally in the Formula one, you are a great driver and our prays always are with you for you recovery , We expect see you well and soon on the track , where you deserve.

    przyjaciel drogi si?a