Abu Dhabi Sport 2 to broadcast all F1 races

Feb.1 (PVM) Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) will once again broadcast the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in the MENA region in 2011.

Abu Dhabi has string ties to F1, after hosting the season’s final race at Yas Marina Circuit last November and the penultimate race this year.

Mohammed Najeeb, the head of Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya Channels, the sports broadcasting department at ADMC, said, “Abu Dhabi is aiming to be the international capital of sport so the media has to follow this growth. Formula One is a very important sport. A lot of people love to watch it and after building Yas Marina Circuit, definitely we have to follow the growth of this sport.”

ADMC will broadcast the races in Arabic on its free-to-air channel, Abu Dhabi Sports 2, with English commentary available on the pay service Abu Dhabi Sports 6 channel.

Fans will again get unprecedented TV coverage of Formula 1 race weekends:

• Live coverage from free practice sessions on Firday and Saturday, qualifying on Saturday and race on Sunday;
• Trackside coverage by a team of reporters and commentators;
• Pre-race and post race analysis live from the Abu Dhabi Sports 2 team;
• Commentary available in  Arabic on free to air Abu Dhabi Sports 2;
• Commentary in English on Abu Dhabi Sports 6 channel;
• Broadcasts to start 1 hour before each of the 20 Grand Prix races;
• Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 2 (Abu Dhabi Sports 2) is available on Nilesat frequency 11977 vertical, symbol rate 27500, FEC 56/
• Website : www.adtv.ae/formula1

  • baher

    i have abudhabi sport 1
    this channel will broadcast f1 ???

  • Bec

    “FIA restrictions prevent the company from putting the English feed on free-to-air satellite, hence English broadcasts of the races will be screened on E-Vision’s pay channel.”

    Can someone explain that ?

    FOM/CVC control the commercial rights not the FIA.

  • Aaron

    Bless you for this P..gonna play hookie from work for Sunday..Ha!

  • mich

    i hope that you will be beter than the bahrain tv…thank you

  • mich

    cose the last year the brodcast was suck….

  • Dave

    I hope the coverage is better than last year where Bahrain TV somehow managed to screw it up big time. WTF were they doing last year? I felt so annoyed with 2009 coverage.

  • PitRat (Ex Ronman)

    Jazeera had good coverage, i dont know why they gave it up. Last year i folowed F1 on the French TF1 channel

    so far BBC is the best, TF1 comes second.

    the most important thing however will be about who will handle the commenting for Abu Dhabi? if they bring some looser shmooser that is a schumi fan and knows no team but ferrari, then good luck…

    What I don’t understand also is how do these tv channels only announce the deals days before the first race. what if people want to appy for the job of commentator. Shouldn’t the station do surveys to see if they need them in the first place, if the ones on the other station were good enough.,,, what do fans want? what are the requirements etc.

    F1 coverage in the M.ENA region has always been second rate…

  • Mohammed

    can someone tell me how i can watch the F1 live on my PC

  • AWS

    How do you get access to E-Vision’s pay channel if you dont live in UAE ?

  • amr

    when will the race be replayed? please reply asap!!!

  • Andy

    You can’t get Etisalat’s E-Vision service where I live in Dubai – we only get Du. So that rules out English commentary. And Bahrain Sports 2 aren’t broadcasting it at all like last year (with BBC’s commentary). Madness.

  • Ali

    please we need to know when the race will be replayed?

  • Fakhr

    what time is the race replayed on abu dhabi Sport 2?

    is there any other channel that broadcast the race or the replay in english / arabic that you recomand. i’m having the Du contract.

  • Mitri Muna

    Message to Feras Nimri: Be kind to the F1 audience and resign. Obviously you have no idea what is going on during the race, before the race or afterwards. We want commentary on the race, not just blaber. No need to state the obvious, listen to the foreign commentators and learn the trade.

  • Redwolf6

    Malaysian Race will be replayed at 18:30 (UAE time).

  • Sameel

    Absolutely dreadful commentary. Please give us all the English comm instead.

  • mido

    please there´s no sound in abudhabi tv

  • Ziggy

    Could your studio commentators not talk while the post qualifying and post race interviews are on? It is the only time we can hear the drivers comments in english.This habit started during the last two races and is irritating to say the least.We just ask for a few minutes of silence.

  • ali

    please who ever is responsible on monitoring the commentators to make sure that Ayman And Firas not talk about what they are not 100% sure off, and when schumacher makes a fast lap they don’t have to say that because his car is low on fuel. guys this is formula 1, that means strategy, don’t throw words, he has his fans pals. Keep that in mind. talk everthing that pleases the audience…..

  • Lynda

    PLEASE can you offer optional English commentary when available via the audio options? I appreciate and respect that Arabic is the home language in the Middle East, it would however be a great advantage to both Abudadhbi SP and visitors like myself to be able to enjoy and share in the F1 experience…! Many thnaks

  • Dujsee

    Hey people…….there is no way this abu dhabi commentator bunch is gonna improve whatsoever. I have waited on them for 4 months & they seem to go from bad to worse!! And what’s with the guy who gets sent to the paddock each race………waste of time & money…..pretends he is giving us updates with his funny accent ‘Red Boool’!! Ladies for other channels do a better job than him!! Take my advice…….do what I do though it may be complicated but at least you will enjoy it. I record the race & watch the replay while listening to the BBC iplayer (on radio 5) which has excellent commentary from David Croft, Anthony Davidson & Holly Samos.

  • http://www.yallaf1.com/2010/03/09/abu-dhabi-sport-2-to-broadcast-all-f1-races/ kais saab

    how much liters the car spends when the speed become 360 km/h

  • Pier

    I concur with Mitri & Dujsee in this utterly poor coverage of the races. Non one is missing on this commentry with all its shenaniganes…….stating the obvious, repeating what has already been said, even their guy who claims he is running in the paddock gathering info takes ages to do so (that is if he ever gets any news) & even so he simply gets it wrong (Hungarian GP…….claims that Hamilton retired not due to a gear box failure but it did) & the list never stops. This Feras ElNirmiry really thinks that he has done a job well done……..yes in Lala land! Seriously its time to get their act together……….I have not heard any complement even as a good gesture on such commentry & as of next race I shall try to take Dujsee’s advice……hopefully this will work.

  • Zach

    ‘The new deal means that fans will get unprecedented TV coverage of Formula 1 race’…………what sort of crap is that. BBC does that all free of charge in its country whether on TV or web & the same applied to Al Jazeera & Bahrain. It’s being sinical & rather degrading to viewers……..as if they are doing us a favor. And what’s with the commentry!! ……can’t they get any better commentators who have some technical insight into what’s happening. When the producer replays a shot in the race…….60-70% of the time they are clueless as to what is happening & all we hear is (from that El nimri guy!!) here we can see so & so from the so & so team!! Way below par this coverage needless to say it is in several instances patronizing to the viewers whom I bet in 80% of cases know what is happening without their input

  • siregar

    will abu dhabi sport 2 channel will have replay of F1 races followed after live race?

  • sam

    which Abu Dhabi Sportv Channel will show Formila 1?

  • http://www.yallaf1.com/ Editor

    read the article above for all the information it is pretty clear!!!!

  • Mahmoud

    bad adtv coverage of f1, website has nothing, no information on teams, drivers, times, reportings, points very bad and also the comentary team is terrible in arabic they don’t know anything. this is a joke

  • eli

    The ADTV F1 web is rubbish. What is the problem having good F1 information on the official site of F1 in the region. I am ashamed of it. Yalla do somthing

  • Hubba

    The coverage is nil as it is not 16:9 wide screen as it elsewhere in the world. The commentators are fun and their comments negligible, if you need commentators you are not an F1 fan. Of course this is a country and a channel in it’s infancy and more cannot be expected, but at least throw some money at the transmission and do it in wide screen format which so much more enjoyable. Well done Abu Dhabi and you can still do better.

  • http://www.yallaf1.com/ Editor

    Actually the free to air package is as you describe. However AD Sport 6 has HD 16:9 and English BBC commentary – as good as it getes. However you have to pay for this package but it is a nominal and very reasonable fee. If you are in the UAE you can get it through Du or Etisalat…. Hope this helps – if not post your questions – and we will forward to ADTV management

  • zabalaw amer

    thank u , AD sports that u r showing it free to air , but to all guys please dont forget togo early to SALAT AL GOM3A on FRIDAY , u will get the second trials easily .TC

  • abd el aziz

    ?????? ?????? ??????? ?? ??? ????

  • Jinachandra

    Thank you for broadcasting F1 races. With due respect to Arabic listeners the original English commentary would be better and it will be in tune. It is good than just listening Soft and Super soft references many many times – Thanks

  • ali

    kindly if u remodeling the race 12:00am or 09:00am due to lebanon time thank u for your cooperation

  • Mark

    It’s great that F1 is still being broadcast throughout the middle east and north Africa but please Abu Dhabi follow what Bahrain sports were doing and broadcast with the English commentary it is much more informative, knowledgeable and in those situations when something unexpected happens they usually explain what happened with both commentators being ex drivers themselves.

  • http://laacib.net muhanad

    abudhabi sport is very well my father say me abudhabi sport its very well

  • akram

    hi how are you mr??

    firstly i present you my self im akram from algeria i have 20 years i study aeronautical engineering at university and i’m very fond of motor sport from when I was baby and my dream is i will be an aerodynamicist i motor sport
    if you can give me some advices to be a race aero engineer

  • khaled mohamed


  • wesam mostafa

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  • wesam mostafa

    the number of marks on S.Vettal helmet is 49 mark not 50.

  • khalid ismaiel

    Dear sir,
    Pls.what’s the limits of fuel on the F1 cars during the Q rounds ,as the fuel weight is a vital factor on the overall weight of the car.
    So,if the car was with less fuel at the Q rounds than other vehicles ,then it’ll have less weight .OR WHAT?

    Thanks with all the luck.


  • Abdulaziz BiN ALi

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  • Abdulaziz & Dalal

    Hello my friend Ayman Abdel Wahed, Eid Mubarak and hope you will avery year>

    I have two questions and a comment …

    Questions: – 1 _ why most cars became two close in the times
    with different drivers.
    2-_ Who will win the championship on the strength of the team, support and steadfastness.

    Comment -: about Team order >>> I think liarits located on the driver, who put himself under the authority of this decision through in failure to achieve results such as Massa and Webber

    With sincere compliments

  • Abdulaziz & Dalal

    Hello my friend Ayman Abdel Wahed, Eid Mubarak and hope you will avery year>

    I have two questions and a comment …

    Questions: – 1 _ why most cars became two close in the times
    with different drivers.
    2-_ Who will win the championship on the strength of the team, support and steadfastness.

    Comment -: about Team order >>> I think liarits located on the driver, who put himself under the authority of this decision through in failure to achieve results such as Massa and Webber

    With sincere compliments

  • Lovro

    I am currently sailing in Arabian Gulf and have satellite TV on board, and I am big fan of Formula 1, on Sunday i will be working when F1 is broadcasting live so can you please tell me when is replay on Abu Dhabi Sports 2 so I can watch after job? Many thanks in advance!

  • Hsn fares

    Please can anyone tell me how can I watch again the full race of abu dhabi 2012
    Coz really it was the wonderfull race I have ever seen

  • mohamad

    when will roger federer challenge andy mariah in australian open tennis in what time and in what day.plz answer
    your faithfully