Lotus dispute about money says Lopez

(L to R): Gerard Lopez (FRA) Genii Capital with Eric Boullier (FRA) Lotus Renault GP Team Principal. Formula One Testing, Preparations, Valencia, Spain, Monday 31 January 2011.

Gerard Lopez with Eric Boullier

Jan.31 (GMM) The Lotus naming dispute is simply about money, Renault team owner Gerard Lopez said on Monday.

He was speaking at Valencia, where the newly Lotus-sponsored Renault revealed its 2011 car, mere hours after the entirely separate Team Lotus launched another car that will also carry the evocative brand name this season.

Group Lotus terminated Tony Fernandes’ naming license for 2011 and has teamed up with Renault, with a dispute to now be played out in the High Court as neither side is backing down.

Lopez, head of the Renault owner Genii Capital, accused Fernandes of sticking to his guns for no reason other than money.

“I’ve dealt with the press for many years, not just in formula one but also in business, and you’ve got to call a spade a spade, and I can tell when somebody is trying to twist things,” he said.

The reality, said Lopez, is that Fernandes is not fighting for the Lotus legacy but simply for F1 income.

“It’s the fact that if 1Malaysia Racing (Team Lotus) changes their name, they lose their FOM money,” he insisted.

“It’s an issue for them, and it’s probably one I wouldn’t take too kindly to if I was in their shoes. But just admit to the reality, that it’s about money. It’s nothing else,” added Lopez.

  • Twiinz

    If Lopez wants the name back, he should pay the FOM $ to Team Lotus as well as a settlement amount for canceling the multiyear contract for Fernandez to use the moniker.
    What do you mean he won’t do that??? I guess he should just admit ” that it’s about money. It’s nothing else” :)

  • Bec

    It is about money.

    Lotus cars are selling their products by using Team Lotus’ history, Renault / Genii / Group Lotus are ‘passing themselves off’ as Team Lotus.

    Lotus cars have nothing to do with F1, they’ve never raced in F1, just like Lotus shoes have never raced in F1.

  • WLC

    Lopez…. this isn’t your battle… just shut up and go racing. I see Team Lotus fighting spirit in Tony’s team, not your team.

  • whl

    To paraphrase …

    You can put a Jackass in a Lotus Vest, but you still have a… Gerard Lopez.