McLaren launch black team wear for 2011

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 2011 team clothing

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 2011 team clothing

Jan.11 (PVM) Vodafone McLaren Mercedes have launched a range of 2011 team wear that are predominantly black and red which could provide an indicator regarding the team’s livery for the forthcoming season.

The teamcaps  and driver caps are available in black and red, while team t-shirt, polo shirt, short sleeved shirt, team jacket, beanie and waterproof are only available in black. Rocket red is still the colour of the Team Victory t-shirt.

The only silver/gray and “rocket red”  items are last year’s team gear which is on sale.

When questioned about the possibility of a change of colour scheme last week  McLaren said via its official Twitter feed TheFifthDriver, “Black livery? Er, no,”

The team then went on to confirm that the 2011 livery would be: “the same Rocket Red and chrome finish that you’ve grown to love since Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was born in 2007. That’s official, by the way.”
The teams 2011 clothing range is available for purchase through their web based Vodafone McLaren Mercedes eShop.

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