Marko: Vettel to Ferrari would be stupid

Helmut Marko with Sebastian Vettel during practice for the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit on October 30, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Helmut Marko with Sebastian Vettel

Jan.10 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel would be “stupid” to switch to Ferrari if he knows Red Bull can supply a quicker car.

That is the view of Helmut Marko, the energy drink company Red Bull’s motor racing right-hand man for team owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

Austrian Marko, 67, is known to be close to fellow German speaker and new world champion Vettel, but the 23-year-old has recently been musing about a future switch to Ferrari.

“It’s only natural for a race driver to dream of Ferrari, and for Ferrari to want a great driver like Sebastian,” he told Bild newspaper.

But Marko is not worried that Vettel will make the switch any time soon.

“Sebastian won’t leave us just because of the Ferrari legend,” he insisted. “He is smart enough to know that the time would have to be right for him.”

“He would have to be stupid to go there with Fernando Alonso. We are the world championship team, and as long as we offer Sebastian a package that is better than the others, he’s not going to leave just because of a mythical history,” added Marko.

  • Arthur

    And I don’t think Fernando would be happy to have a team mate who would bang his car to his if he won’t let him through…

  • Alex

    The arrogant young driver… Ferrari will shoot you out…

  • Jim

    It’s the Adrian Newey designed car not the driver. Vettel sucks! Put him in a Force India and see what he can do!

  • http://none lyka

    duh?! have u guys been a duh?! have u guys been a world champion? ferrari is the one chasing him, he didnt presented himself.

  • Arthur

    @ lyka

    I’m sorry to tell you but Sebastien already spoken about driving for Ferrari as his dream…

  • Paul Kirk

    I wish Marko would go and jump in the lake, he’s not doing RB any good mouthing off his opinions. I hold Matisitch, Horner and Newey in high regard, also Weber, but not Vettal or Harpo! I agree Vetel drove well this season, but of course if you put almost any other currant F1 driver into the RB that driver would also have won, and probably made fewer mistakes! Vetil’s good but not great, and his personality lets him down, but of course he’s still a kid and in 5 year’s time he might have matured a bit.