Montezemolo: Vettel to drive red car one day

Artist impression of Sebastian Vettel as a Ferrari driver

Artist impression of Sebastian Vettel as a Ferrari driver

Dec.23 (GMM) Luca di Montezemolo is predicting a future Ferrari drive for F1’s new reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Luca di Montezemolo with current Ferrari driver pair Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

Luca di Montezemolo with current Ferrari driver pair Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

Earlier in 2010, en route to becoming the sport’s youngest ever champion with Red Bull, 23-year-old Vettel described Ferrari as “special”, adding: “Why not go there in a few years?”

The German is under contract with Red Bull for 2011, with an option to extend into 2012.

Cologne tabloid Express reports that Ferrari president di Montezemolo sees Vettel as a natural successor for the struggling Felipe Massa.

“Sebastian is fast, intelligent and young,” said the 63-year-old Italian. “He will drive a red car sooner or later.”

The team owner of Vettel’s current team, Dietrich Mateschitz, said a month ago: “Seb wants to drive for Ferrari some day. We will make it as difficult a decision for him as possible.”

Express also reports that di Montezemolo recently made an offer to entice Red Bull designer Adrian Newey to Ferrari. Newey reportedly turned the offer down.

  • Speedo

    I will puke if this little prick goes to Ferrari. I will never respect him as a person or driver.

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, me neither. Plus, he can’t overtake.

    I guess he’s a good replacement for Massa…

  • http://Thailand Muddles

    Harsh but true, he’s as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue. If thats how he feels, Dr Marko I would let him go now and replace him with the Hulk.
    PS. Sounds like you don’t respect him now.

  • Speedo

    You’re right… I was as open to him as a driver until he smashed into Webber in Germany and blamed it on him. Quite a revealing moment. Very immature and his driving the rest of the season speaks volumes in that regard. He is a very undeserving champion. I do not recognize him as champ.

  • Dale Sailors

    I would replace Alonso with him, not Massa in the Ferrari lineup..
    While Ferrari has more history than Red Bull, now Red Bull is the better car and driver team. Why leave?

  • michael carmichael

    Vettel is probably negotiating a heavier contract with Red Bull, but any driver would love to drive for Ferrari — except someone driving a superior car. Right now, Vettel is in a better car — designed by Adrian Newey. But, the repercussions of this story are dire — for Ferrari. Luca di Montezemolo is a brilliant man, and he has done wonders for Ferrari — but he should not have said one word to the press about Vettel — because it will demotivate both Felipe Massa and Ferdinand Alonso. Alonso dis a tremendous job for Ferrari this year — and so did Massa for that matter. This was a slip of the tongue that looks like bad management.

  • Speedo

    Well stated michael carmichael, you’re totally on the money. Stupid move by Monti…