Maldonado visits shelter for flood victims

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado visiting the Fabricio Ojeda shelter

Dec.13 (AT&T Williams) Newly signed Williams driver  driver Pastor Maldonado showed his support for the Venezuelan flood victims, visiting the Fabricio Ojeda shelter in Caracas this week.

Venezuelan-born Maldonado said: “I have come here to give them as much encouragement as I can and do whatever is in my power to help those compatriots who lost their homes. As a Venezuelan I am concerned about the situation and it is with pride I have come to help them.”

Thousands of people have been forced from their homes by flooding and mudslides following weeks of torrential rain. Pastor shook hands with children, mothers and the elderly after being welcomed by the medical staff that serve about 2,200 people at the shelter, managed by Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. Pastor will continue to deliver donations through the Foundation to other shelters in the area housing the homeless.

“I pray for the rain to come to an end,” he continued. “I’m sure God that will hear our prayers and we will have many happy moments during the rest of December.”

Maldonado Supports Venezuelan Flood Victims