Captain crashes Massa’s boat in Brazil

Felipe Massa's boat on the rocks

Felipe Massa's boat on the rocks

Dec.8 (GMM) A boat owned by Felipe Massa has been damaged in an incident off Sao Paulo’s south coast.

Reports in the Brazilian dailies Lance and O Globo said the incident occurred on an island near the beach of Guaruja, when the 50 foot boat hit rocks.

Nobody was hurt, but the boat’s hull is damaged beyond repair.

The reports said the boat was being driven from a marina to collect the Ferrari driver and his family when the captain had a seizure.

Massa’s spokesperson Marcio Fonseca revealed that the 29-year-old was in contact with the captain when the incident occurred.

“Suddenly, Felipe could no longer talk to him. Felipe ran to the scene to see if all was well. He (the captain) was taken to hospital but he’s ok, only some light bruises,” added Fonseca.