Fernandes wants to resolve Lotus dispute

Tony Fernandes (MAL) Lotus F1 Team Principal. Formula One World Championship, Rd 14, Italian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monza, Italy, Friday 10 September 2010.

Tony Fernandes

Nov.15 (GMM) Tony Fernandes on Monday admitted he is not ruling out a name change for his formula one team in 2011.

The Malaysian is locked in a bitter naming dispute with Group Lotus and its carmaker owner Proton.

He has bought the ‘Team Lotus’ name from David Hunt, but Group Lotus has retracted the official ‘Lotus Racing’ naming license because it reportedly wants to enter F1 next year with a separate project.

Fernandes admitted in Abu Dhabi that he wants to keep using the Lotus name but sounded reluctant to let the dispute spill into court.

“So we are going into final stretch of name change,” he wrote on his @tonyfernandes Twitter account on Monday. “Do we keep or do we start brand new identity(?). Please let me know.”

Fernandes also ‘re-tweeted’ a reply from a follower who said “I hate Dany Bahar”, a reference to Group Lotus’ chief executive.

French commentator Jean-Louis Moncet wrote in his Auto Plus column at the weekend that Fernandes is open to dropping the Lotus name if he is paid out by Group Lotus or the Malaysian government.

The team’s technical boss Mike Gascoyne said in Brazil a week ago: “For me, the job I do doesn’t alter if the name changes.”

  • Pit Rat

    I say go back to a different name, I know Lotus is all nice and dandy, but if he can’t have it without a mountain of legalities, than he should get a pay off and use a different name, but not Malaysia F1 racing whatever thing.. he should give it a cool name… like Banzai F1, and hire Kobayashi as lead driver LOL…

  • Bec

    He should change it to Proton Renault, as Proton don’t seem to want to use that name :D