F1 showdown: Four contenders. One crown.

(L to R) Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton: Big four go to war in Abu Dhabi

(L to R) Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton: Big four go to war in Abu Dhabi

Nov.14 (Grand Prix 247) Never in the history of Formula 1 have four drivers been contenders for the title in the final race. The world’s attention will focus on Abu Dhabi for a couple of hours today and by night time (at the iconic Yas Marina Circuit) a new F1 World Champion will be crowned bringing down the curtain on a fiercely contested season.

A season that has had everything and more, but will in the long term be remembered as one of relentless development as the contending teams pulled out all the stops, between races, to try and get the edge on their rivals. It will also be remembered as the season of the exceptional Red Bull RB6 which clinched the constructors title for a fizzy drinks company in an arena pitting the world’s greatest sportscar manufactureres, including Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren.

A season that could fill countless pages with incidents, drama and intrigue. Ultimately a season that will only be decided at the very last race and perhaps even on the very last lap, with one of four of this generation’s greatest drivers taking the mighty crown. To them: Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton we say take a bow. You are all worthy champions, alas only one will triumph this year. Your battle will go down in the archives of Formula 1 history as a great one and one of you, tonight in Abu Dhabi, will have their names etched among the greats.

With Alonso leading the points standing by eight points the following permutations pretty much sum up the maths:

  • If Alonso wins or finishes second, he is champion whatever other drivers do.
  • Alonso can finish third or fourth if Vettel wins the race.
  • If neither Red Bull wins then Alonso can take the title with a fifth place.
  • Alonso in sixth place is still champion, if Webber does no better than third and Vettel does not win.
  • If Alonso finishes seventh or eighth, he takes the title if Webber is not in the top three and Vettel does not win.
  • The rule about the highest number of race wins comes into play if Alonso finishes ninth, with Webber fifth or lower and Vettel third or lower.
  • Alonso would also be champion if Webber is outside the top five and Vettel is third or lower.
  • Alonso can be champion if he fails to score points in the race, but only if Vettel is out of the top two, Webber is out of the top five and Hamilton does not win.

May the best man win!

  • Bent Spark Plug

    As Webber said..It aint’ over til The Fat Lady Sings !…she may have just put on her lipstick , but she has NOT sung yet…stay tuned folks !

    Webber CAN DO IT…or I am jumping off a cliff !