Video: Ayrton Senna movie trailer released

Sep.3 (Grand Prix 247) A short trailer of the forthcoming Ayrton Senna tribute movie has been doing the orunds on YouTube this week.

The movie is about the great Brazilian’s life and the impact he had and still has on Formula 1. The movie is due to be released later this year and promises a “never before seen” look at Senna’s life, with full support of Senna’s family.

Senna, was a three time F1 world champion with Marlboro McLaren, was killed during the third round of the 1994 Formula 1 World championship at Imola drving for the Williams team. His legacy continues to live on.

  • F1 Novice

    Although having never actually met the man, Senna seemed to be an amazingly very driven man – It’s kind of funny but sometimes when you are living through an era like that when someone like Senna comes along you don’t necessarily realise at the time what you are observing is history in the making.
    This may seem a bit odd now but back in those days I remember watching Senna getting pole week in and week out, then during one year (must have been ‘88 having just had a quick peek at the stats :0) ) watching him dominating a massive percentage of races by starting from pole putting in some stonking early laps to create a gap then controlling the race by maintaining the gap keeping it at around 10 seconds. If the guy in 2nd put in a quick lap on one lap he would put in a quicker lap the very next lap to re-instate the gap – I remember sometimes thinking it was becoming a little boring with Senna winning so many races in a season you kind of new Senna would be on pole and he was most probably going to win it – a bit like more recently when Schumacher was dominating. It’s only later that you realise what a genius behind the wheel you were witnessing you didn’t really grasp or comprehend that at that time.
    There’s was quite a lot of rumour or “folklore” that surrounded Senna during those years that used to make me laugh – how much of it was true I don’t know.
    One story I heard was that it was Senna who made made John Watson question his own future in Formula 1 and finally made him realise it was time to stop – apparently he (Watson) was in a McLaren at Brands Hatch during practise for the 1985 ) European GP and he was, in his mind on a good lap, happily going through Dingle Dell as quick as he could (a much different corner in those days than it is today it used to be an elongated quick chicane – quick flick right/left right then onto Stirlings) when a car overtook him THROUGH Dingle Dell at an unbelievable rate of knots – that in itself is pretty amazing if you know that corner in that configuration – Watson said at the time that the back of the car that passed him was absolutely on the edge of adhesion with it’s rear tyres virtually dancing over the Tarmac – apparently Watson aborted the lap and went into the pits totally stunned and he knew at that point it was time to hang up his driving boots and make way for this new breed of driver. The Car that past him was a John Player Special Lotus….. the Driver a little known at that time Ayrton Senna.
    John Watson never drove in an F1 Race again after that weekend.
    On a lighter note the relationship between Gerhard Berger & Ayrton Senna used to make me chuckle – Berger being the practical joker…..
    There’s a story of an incident at Monza where in a joint helicopter ride Senna had been showing off his new tailor made briefcase. Having been made of carbon fibre composite, Senna argued that it should be virtually indestructible. Berger, without much hesitation and much to Senna’s disbelief, opened the door of the helicopter and threw the briefcase out, to test the hypothesis.
    Another one was that Berger filled Senna’s bed with animals. Senna understandably infuriated, confronted Berger by saying;
    “I’ve spent the last hour catching 12 frogs in my room,” to which Berger replied, “Did you find the snake?”
    The funniest though being an incident in which Berger replaced Senna’s passport photo with what Ron Dennis described as “an equivalent-sized piece of male genitalia”. Senna’s fame meant he rarely had his passport checked, but on a later trip to Argentina Berger’s prank resulted in officials holding the Brazilian for 24 hours. As a response to this gag, Senna superglued all of Berger’s credit cards together.

  • Akshay gupta

    superb really… Do you have any goo documentary link for ayrton senna i have few but want to know more..