Marko scoffs at Webber’s conspiracy claims

Helmut Marko with Mark Webber

Helmut Marko with Mark Webber

Jul.16 (GMM) Dr Helmut Marko has rubbished Mark Webber’s intimation that his teammate is being favoured by Red Bull management.

Although Australian Webber’s statement on Thursday suggested the air has been cleared after Silverstone, team consultant Marko has weighed into the front wing saga.

“If Mark imagines there is a conspiracy between us and (Sebastian) Vettel against him, then he is on the wrong track,” the Austrian and former grand prix driver is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

“If I was Vettel, then I would suspect the opposite. Which car has constantly had problems? Did Mark have a defective spark plug, a loose wheel, a broken brake, a defective chassis, a gearbox problem and the broken nose?”

“In comparison, Webber has come out with only a black eye. Mark is having a great season, and he has improved big team, but he should not forget that he owes a lot to this team. Where was he two years ago? He could not even dream of grand prix wins,” said Marko.

“For us, it really does not matter who is champion, the main thing is that he is sitting in a Red Bull.”

Earlier, Marko defended the decision to give Vettel the newer specification wing that in the pre-qualifying practice session had been fitted to Webber’s car.

“I don’t know what Webber wants,” he is quoted by Auto Bild. “The driver who got the new wing was ahead in the championship and faster in the third timed practice. It was a very logical decision.”.

  • Mudar

    This man must shut up! All what he is saying is bull shit. He is personally behind all the favoritism saga. His statement “Did Mark have a defective spark plug, a loose wheel, a broken brake, a defective chassis, a gearbox problem and the broken nose?” is a clear indicator that he don’t what he is saying! All Vettel’s problems are racing problems, but removing a part from Webber’s car and installing it on his teammate’s car is not a racing problem, it is a team decision. I wonder in what domain his PhD is?!!

  • Marco

    Marko is a dickhead. He is responsible for briging the worst ever line-up of driver “talent” into F1. Only thing he got right was throwing cash at Vettel early on in his career and even then he gave him away to BMW who in return allowed Franz Tost and Gerhard Berger to scoop him for Toro Rosso.
    Marko is just fortunate to be in right place at right time and unfortunately wields quite some power in the Red Bull motorsport world…

  • Pit Rat

    helmet marko.. SHUT UP… go retire buy a racing horse… just get out of here you dweeb,,,

  • Warren Lowe

    Marko should give up his PhD, back to school and receive some basic training in management.

  • Arthur

    Hey Helmut! The problems were not Mark’s. So why do you have to take away from Mark some parts? Is it Mark’s problem that Vettel broke the wing in the practice? So why should Mark suffer? And come to think of it. Mark Webber won a GP with “Luscious Liz”, the chassis that Vettel said had a problem. I think the problem here is Vettel obviously and not his car!!!

    So Marko, Shut up! The air has already cleared and the fire extinguished so don’t light another fire…