McLaren vs Red Bull set for Battle of Britain

Motorsports / Formula 1: World Championship 2010, GP of Europe, 02 Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes),  *** Local Caption *** +++ +++ copyright: HOCH ZWEI +++

Jenson Button will be part of McLaren's charge to win at Silverstone

Jun.29 (GMM) In the light of their pace and performance st the European Grand Prix in Valencia, Red Bull might now be expected to maintain its return to form as formula one moves on to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix,  round 10 of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Sebastian Vettel dominated the 2009 British GP

Sebastian Vettel dominated the 2009 British GP

After two McLaren Mercedes victories on the trot, and the British team leading both the drivers’ and constructors’ world championships, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel won from pole position last weekend at Valencia.

The Spanish street circuit featured long straights and slow corners that had been expected to favour McLaren, but Red Bull got its F-duct up and running and dominated qualifying before Vettel scored maximum points in the race.

And although with a revised layout for 2010, the continuing fast nature of Silverstone is expected to bring out the best of the Adrian Newey penned RB6, whose predecessor was driven to dominant victory from pole position by Vettel in 2009 at the venue.

The podium (L to R): Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren, second; Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing, race winner; Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren, third; Paul Monaghan (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Engineer. Formula One World Championship, Rd 9, European Grand Prix, Race, Valencia Spain, Sunday 27 June 2010.

McLaren and Red Bull drivers have hogged the majority of podium spots this year

“We hope that the next couple of circuits are more in our direction,” the German confirmed after his triumph on Sunday.

This year’s Red Bull is considered better than the 2009 car, and at Silverstone last year, Mark Webber finished behind his teammate in second place – 26 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor.

McLaren, however, are unlikely to rest and set to introduce its version of the Red Bull-style exhaust and ‘blown diffuser’ layout next weekend, while the Red Bull will feature only minor revisions.

Motorsports / Formula 1: World Championship 2010, GP of Canada, 02 Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes),

Lewis Hamilton and McLaren lead the championships going into Silverstone

“If we can be competitive there then we have a good chance to win both championships,” said McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh with reference to the Silverstone race.

But like Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault also showed flashes of speed in Valencia, so McLaren driver Jenson Button thinks those teams could be in the running in Britain.

“I don’t think you can ever count out Ferrari,” said the reigning world champion. “Also Mercedes. You can come back from bad races and I think they will be competitive.”

“A lot of the teams had new updates (in Valencia) and maybe they’re not working to the full potential. I think when we get to Silverstone we will see a little bit more of where people are,” added Button.