Pirelli F1 tyres supply deal in final stages

Pirelli truck. Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Practice Day, Barcelona, Spain, Friday 7 May 2010.

Jun.7 (GMM) Pirelli has won the race to become F1’s new sole tyre supplier beginning in 2011.

The same news was reported by multiple sources prior to the Turkish grand prix, but Michelin then made a last-ditch attempt to woo the teams by calling a meeting in the paddock of the Istanbul Park circuit.

Once again, after yet another non-grand prix week of negotiations, it is believed that Milan-based Pirelli has secured the deal.

As was also the case prior to Turkey, it is more than one source within the Italian media that is hinting at the latest development.

The authoritative daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, for one, claims that the finishing touches are being made to a contract that will be signed by the end of the week.

Prior to Turkey, it was reported that the Pirelli deal for 2011-2013 was to cost teams 1 million euros apiece per season, in exchange for identical attention and service and a range of just three compounds: soft, medium and hard.

At least initially, the tyres will be in a similar 13-inch specification to the current Bridgestone product, with a longer-term ambition being a move to a low profile.

It had also been reported that Pirelli, already the supplier of the new GP3 series as well as world rally, is likely to also supply GP2 next year.

Pirelli was last in F1 in 1991.

  • http://www.last.fm/group/Formula+1 Bec

    Well that’s the clever deal, even if Montezemolo wanted the vastly more expensive Michelin deal, for reasons I think we all know ;)

  • Pit Rat

    Not sure Monti would want MIchelin, in the days were he could rule supreme with it, he opted to stay with Bridgestone.

    I don’t like the fact that the teams are still pushing for multiple compounds high profile tires. i would like F1 to use Compounds very similar to high performance sports cars tires found on the market with 18 inch rims… the cars would look nicer, and the Formula’s most crucial component can be cross referenced and shared to Road cars…even if they cost fortune.

  • http://www.last.fm/group/Formula+1 Bec

    They will move to those tyres (18 inch rims), but the cars for next year have already been designed to use 13s, I suspect 18s will come in with the new engine in 2013 at the latest.

    I think the compounds should be more radical, really soft and grippy, but only last 20 laps, and really hard and slippy but last 70 laps, atm there’s very little difference with Bridgestone’s compounds.