Michelin or Pirelli set to supply F1 tyres

Force India F1 Team mechanic with Bridgestone tyres. Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Chinese Grand Prix, Practice Day, Shanghai, China, Friday 16 April 2010.

May 16 (GMM) Stefano Domenicali on Sunday indicated that Avon-Cooper and Bridgestone are no longer in the running to supply formula one tyres next year.

The Ferrari boss was discussing with the media Sunday’s series of meetings at Monaco, where a decision about the departing Bridgestone’s 2011 replacement was again deferred.

“It will probably take another week,” the Italian is quoted by Germany’s Motorsport-Magazin.com. “Perhaps next weekend.”

Avon was among those who have submitted formal proposals, and in recent days the teams have been pushing Bridgestone to reconsider its decision not to seek a new contract as the sport’s official sole supplier.

But Domenicali revealed: “There are only two possibilities; Michelin and Pirelli.”

Earlier it was reported that after no less than three meetings in Monaco, a final decision about F1’s tyre situation for 2011 still has not been made.

The latest meeting was held on Sunday morning, with team bosses discussing solid proposals made by Michelin, Avon and Pirelli, amid reports Bridgestone might be persuaded to stay.

According to the BBC, FOTA’s technical chief Ross Brawn said the Italian marque Pirelli’s proposal is a viable one.

“We’ve had a good proposal from Pirelli which we’re looking into seriously,” he said.

It is believed another meeting will be held within the next few days, where a final decision is likely.

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