Pirelli wants F1 tyre supply exclusivety

Pirelli truck. Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Practice Day, Barcelona, Spain, Friday 7 May 2010.

May 14 (GMM) Pirelli has clarified that it is not interested in competing in formula one with other tyre suppliers.

It was confirmed officially last week that the Italian marque has submitted an application to replace Bridgestone as the sport’s sole supplier.

Michelin also wants to come back to formula one next year, and it has been rumoured in recent days that Pirelli might be willing to satisfy the French company’s desire to race against other tyre brands.

“At the moment we are having discussions about a single supplier situation, not about an open market,” Pirelli’s racing manager Mario Isola is quoted by Auto Hebdo.

The latest edition of the French magazine also said Bridgestone, Avon, Kumho and Hankook are the other candidates to supply F1 teams next year.

The teams are pushing hard for clarity about 2011 tyre supply, but it is now rumoured that a resolution is unlikely by the end of the Monaco race weekend.

“The good news is there appears to be several companies interested in supplying tyres to formula one,” said FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh.

  • Twiinz

    I am torn on this one. A single supplier is good for closer times. But, having a tire war is alot of fun. I would only worry that the championship would be decided by your tire choice and not the best team. Although tires are part of the package. What does everyone else think? One company or multiples???

  • http://www.last.fm/group/Formula+1 Bec

    Tyre war would cost more, but would be fun if the mid-field teams had the superior tyre to the top teams.

  • f1aroo

    If there is more than one tire supplier, it is inevitable that one with somewhat recent F1 experience such as Michelin will dominate for a considerable period of time; until the other newcomers catch up(if ever).

    To really spice things up, after qualifying, the teams should, in reverse order, select from all the available tires. The frontrunners, Ferrari’s, RB’s, Mac’s, Merc’s, would be left with pop-a-lot tires. Yikes

    Or, similar to how teams are now required to use two different tires in every race, teams could be forced to use different manufacturers at different races by lottery pick.


    Seriously, to have the championships based on the best constructor and the best driver, by whatever importance you put respectively, there should be only one tire supplier. After all, the tire is the common part on all cars touching the track. With seriously limited testing presently, how could a team possibly make an intelligent decision about which supplier to contract with. Every team with the financial wherewithal will select Michelin, who intend to charge significantly for their use. Michelin said that they will enter only if the economics are right. The lesser budget-minded teams might be forced to go with cheaper tires; tires that are discounted by the manufacturer(or free) for the prestige and exposure of participating in F1. The disparity between the frontrunners and the struggling others will increase. I don’t think we want to disadvantage the backmarkers any more than they already are.