Michelin ready to be F1’s sole supplier

General Testing F1 Michelin tyresMay 7 (GMM) Michelin has now made a solid proposal to the FIA after weeks of speculation linking the French tyre supplier with a return to formula one.

A Bloomberg report said chief executive Michel Rollier wants an official response soon, with one of the conditions being rule changes to show “the environmental dimension”.

According to Reuters, managing partner Didier Mariton said after a shareholders’ meeting that Michelin will only return if it has a rival tyre supplier to compete with.

But Rollier brief reporters that Michelin is prepared to be the only supplier next year as long as the rules allow other companies to also offer their tyres to teams.

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    Michelin’s (original) proposal is far too expensive, if FOTA back this then they really are oblivious to the keeping costs down.